EncryptoTel weekly digest(14.04.19)

Billions on 5G in rural areas, Facebook’s stablecoin seeks funding, and testing of Telegram blockchain

The United States will establish a multi-billion dollar fund to support 5G

The White House administration announced several high-profile initiatives aimed at accelerating the deployment of 5G networks in the United States.

First, Ajit Pay, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), at a meeting with US President Donald Trump announced plans to hold an additional 5G spectrum auction on December 10, 2019, which will be the largest frequency auction in US history and will cover three radio frequency range.

The FCC also plans to establish a fund worth $ 20.4 billion, aimed at deploying 5G networks in rural areas. Thus, according to initial plans, the fund will allow 4 million households and enterprises in rural areas to connect to high-speed fiber-optic Internet, which in turn will help introduce 5G technologies. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund has a 10 year plan.

“Secure 5G networks will be vital links for American prosperity and national security in the 21st century,” Trump said.

Japan’s mobile operators will spend $ 14.4 billion on 5G until 2024

The total investment from network operators in the deployment of 5G networks in the next five years will reach 1.6 trillion yen ($ 14.4 billion), the Nikkei Asian Review reported. About half of this amount comes from NTT Docomo, Japan’s largest network operator, which invests about 795 billion yen ($ 7.16 billion) in 5G. KDDI promises to invest 466 billion yen ($ 4.18 billion), and SoftBank, which owns Sprint communications operator, will invest 206 billion yen ($ 1.85 billion). Rakuten invests the least — 194 billion yen ($ 1.74 billion).

The deployment process is expected to start in Japan in 2020. In order to obtain the rights to use the frequency spectrum, Japanese mobile operators are obliged to cover all 43 Japanese prefectures with 5G networks within two years.

Facebook wants to raise $ 1 billion in financing

The New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper reported that his sources in the market say that Facebook plans to attract $ 1 billion in investments to launch a stablecoin project. According to Popper, Facebook hopes to demonstrate with stealth capital that the stablecoin project is not centralized and not fully controlled by the social network.

“Considering that one of the main advantages of blockchain projects is decentralization, attracting outside investors could help Facebook present the project as more decentralized and less controlled by Facebook,” the journalist wrote on Twitter.

We recall that data control and loss of user confidence due to data leaks and the scandal associated with the transfer of personal data to third-party companies are the main complaints about the world’s largest social network, which this year announced a change in the company’s development strategy, focusing on protection of confidentiality and privacy of communication.

Telegram started closed testing of blockchain platform TON

While Facebook is only seeking funding for its blockchain project, Telegram is already launching a test version of their blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON), which in 2018 raised $ 1.7 billion during several closed rounds of funding. Access to private testing was open to a limited number of professional teams involved in blockchain around the world, including several Russian teams, as was told to Vedomosti by directors of two companies that had access to testing.

The teams were able to install the TON blockchain network nodes, but there are currently no specific test results. Testing will allow the professional team to study the properties and availability of the network, as well as learn which transactions and at what speed it can conduct.

EncryptoTel continues to optimize their virtual PBX

Over the past week our team has begun to address several important issues related to the convenience of users working with secure EncryptoTel virtual PBX.

One of the tasks that faces our team is to make the balance refillment process convenient, even for those users who are not yet so familiar with cryptocurrencies. To do this, we are developing a scheme to replenish the balance through a familiar bank account.

The remaining tasks relate mainly to the smooth operation of the application and the web interface.

We are also pleased to announce that starting next week we are renewing our weekly instruction articles that tell about services and capabilities of EncryptoTel.

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