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Largest 5G operator, Huawei’s loss and digital currency against dollar hegemony

South Korean mobile operator has become the first 5G provider in the world with a million subscribers

South Korean telecom giant SK Telecom has become the first company in the world whose number of subscribers to the 5G high-speed network has exceeded one million. A week ago, the number of 5G subscribers was 880 thousand, but it jumped by 200 thousand in two days. This was after the statement made by SK Telecom that they are starting to give away new preordered Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones that support 5G to customers. Free sale of these devices in South Korea and another 70 countries began on Friday.

If on average SK Telecom LTE network users consumed 20.4 GB of data monthly, then after switching to 5G, they increased the amount of downloaded data to 33.7 GB monthly.

Huawei’s losses from US trade restrictions are estimated at $ 10 billion

Losses of Chinese tech giant Huawei are estimated at about $ 10 billion a year from US trade restrictions. This is less than the initially given by the founder and CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei. The head of the company assured that they would be forced to reduce production capacity, which in the next two years would lead to a reduction in revenue by $ 30 billion.

Now Huawei is looking for ways to replace key suppliers from the United States, said Huawei Deputy Chairman Eric Xu. Since May 2019, Huawei has been blacklisted at the US Entity List, which imposes restrictions on Huawei access to US-made components and technologies.

The first frequency auctions for 5G In Russia will be held until the end of 2019

The Ministry of Communications plans to hold the first auction sale of frequencies for 5G networks in the upper range of 24.5–29.5 GHz by the end of 2019. The Ministry of Communications considers a priority to use frequencies in the range of 4.4–4.9 GHz for the introduction of 5G, rather than 3.4–38 GHz, which can cost billions of dollars to be cleared, said Oleg Ivanov, deputy head of the Ministry of Communications.

Recall that earlier President Vladimir Putin banned the provision of 3.4–3.8 GHz frequencies to operators, which was planned to be used for the development of 5G.

According to Ivanov, all the Big Four operators are ready to jointly build 5G infrastructure for bands below 6 GHz. “I have offers from all four [operators] on the table,” Ivanov assured.

The head of the Bank of England announced competition between digital currency and the US dollar

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said it would be appropriate to create a digital means of payment, by analogy with Libra, that could replace the US dollar as a global reserve currency.

“The combination of increased economic uncertainty, clear protectionism and fears that negative shocks will not be adequately compensated due to restrictions on policy execution increase deflationary pressures on the global economy,” said Carney, speaking at the annual financial symposium.

Earlier, representatives of the People’s Bank of China mentioned the need to create a digital currency that will fight against the hegemony of the US dollar.

EncryptoTel launches new stage of interface improvement

An interface is what the user first pays attention to. It should be intuitive, convenient, logically structured. Last week, our team began working on the next step in improving the interface of our virtual PBX with an increased level of privacy EncryptoTel.

In addition, we are preparing to integrate the CRM functionality to our PBX. Currently, every business needs a customer management system, so integrating CRM tools into EncryptoTel functionality will make interaction with customers more convenient and simple.

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