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Nov 25 · 3 min read

Homeland of millionaire bankers, the first IPO of a mining company and “big brother” machine in China

Data of 1.2 billion users leaked in the social network

A file with personal database of 1.2 billion people was discovered on Google Cloud by American cybersecurity expert Vinnie Troy. The expert failed to find out who uploaded it. The database contained information with home and cell phone numbers, related accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub, etc. There are no passwords or bank card numbers in the database.

The database was discovered during BinaryEdge and Shodan web scanning services. Experts reported to the FBI about their find, and after a few hours, access to the file was blocked.

Statistics: 73% of European millionaire bankers live in the UK

Almost three quarters of European millionaires working in the banking sector and with incomes over € 1 million per year for 2017 live in the UK. According to the European Banking Authority, there are 3,567 such bankers in the UK. No other country in Europe has such a number of bankers with this level of income. For comparison: Germany is in second place with 390 millionaire bankers, and France in third with 233.

Although, after the Brexit vote in 2016, the country’s leadership in terms of the number of millionaire bankers has not changed. On the contrary, in 2018 their number increased by 38 people. London remains the financial capital of Europe, despite the effects of the financial crisis. Since 2010, the number of bankers with an income of over 1 million euros has jumped by 40%.

The first IPO of a mining company was held in the US

Canaan, a Chinese mining equipment manufacturer, made a public offering on the Nasdaq US Exchange and raised $ 90 million. Investors interest towards Canaan shares was modest and even lower than the company’s worst expectations. During the IPO, they managed to raise only $ 90 million against the planned $ 100 million. Initially, the company planned to raise up to $ 400 million, but later had lowered expectations by 4 times.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, the Chinese company sold 10 million US depositary shares at a price of $ 9 per share. According to a statement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stocks were priced between $ 9 and $ 11.

Last year, Canaan, along with Ebang and Bitmain, applied for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), but the marketplace did not dare to approve the application, fearing the excessive volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Shanghai is creating a police car with facial recognition

The Shanghai authorities, together with the smart car developer NIO ES8, have launched a joint project to implement intelligent technology into the work of police officers. As part of the project, the NIO ES8 electric car was connected to the police and city video surveillance networks, which allow officers to monitor what is happening almost anywhere in the city. The car is also equipped with cameras with face recognition, which allows policemen to identify people while driving an electric car.

The love of the Chinese authorities for face recognition technology became famous around the world after its large-scale implementation to control the Uyghur population went viral. And during the riots in Hong Kong, where residents protested against the increasing influence of Beijing, authorities forbade anti-government protesters to wear masks since October 2019. Rally participants agree that the new rule is set to prevent Hong Kong people from avoiding the face recognition systems.

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