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Dec 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Another massive Facebook leak, Google monopoly and the most truthful series about Silicon Valley

Data of 267 million users leaked from Facebook

According to the British research company Comparitech, Facebook has allowed a massive leak of personal data of its users. The names and phone numbers of more than 267 million people were found in the database that was uploaded on one of the hacker forums. The database was indexed on December 4, and was posted on December 12. In addition to names and phone numbers, it contains a unique account identifier. After a call from Bob Dyachenko, a cybersecurity expert from Comparitech, access to the database, which was publicly available on the forum, was blocked on December 19. Although there is no financial information and passwords in it, the database can be used by cybercriminals for phishing or SMS spam.

The leak affected mainly US residents. Vietnamese hackers are likely to be involved in the leak.

France fined Google for 150 million euros

The French Competition Authority (ART) fined Google € 150 million for violating competition law. The reason for this decision was the Google Ads platform rules of advertising, which the French antitrust regulator called obscure and difficult to understand.

“Google abused its dominant position in the search advertising market by adopting the opaque and hard-to-understand rules of its Google Ads advertising platform and applying them in an unfair and random way … The Google Ads rules imposed by Google on advertisers are set and applied to biased, opaque and discriminatory conditions. “

In addition to the fine, Google is instructed to rewrite the rules of its advertising platform so that they do not imply discrepancies.

Russian intelligence agency wants to be able to disconnect the network from entire countries

Russia was swept by a wave of telephone terrorism. Since the end of November, numerous evacuations have been taking place in kindergartens, shopping centers, train stations and airports after receiving phone calls telling about planted bombs. Some schools and kindergartens in Moscow were evacuated more than 9 times in 2 weeks, that is almost every working day.

This is happening against the attempts of Security Council of Russia to obtain permission to block communications with entire countries from where calls about planted bombs come from.

A few months ago, the Russian Security Council instructed the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Communications to work on the issue of amending communications legislation to combat telephone terrorism. RBC was told about this by three sources in the telecommunications market and was confirmed by a representative of the Security Council apparatus. On October 18, the Ministry of Communications and the FSB achieved the first results — a package of legislative initiatives to “increase the effectiveness of the fight against knowingly false reports of acts of terrorism in conjunction with antifraud measures”. The main proposal of the group is to oblige operators at the request of the FSB to block traffic in the direction of a certain country from where the false calls about terrorist attacks are received. The blocking period can be up to six months.

The “Silicon Valley” series: from faith in a better technological future to skepticism and decentralization

The American television channel HBO has ended the “Silicon Valley” series. It told the story of a programmer Richard Hendrix, who came up with a revolutionary data compression algorithm and is trying to “make this world a better place.” Together with friends — programmers Bertram Gilfoyle and Dinesh Chugtai — they collect investments and try to find an application for their technology. As they communicate more closely with the IT industry leaders in Silicon Valley, they understand that the slogans about improving the world that the creators of high-tech services are pouring are just words, and all that really interests the industry is the opportunity for quick and fast money . Gradually, from a shy and believing in a higher mission programmer, Hendrix turns into a petty and vile entrepreneur. By the last season, Hendrix and his friends are turning from an IT enthusiast into IT skeptics trying to launch a new decentralized Internet that is controlled by monopolists. But their attempts fail.

The series anticipates the key ethical issues to be addressed by the high-tech industry in the coming decade — cybersecurity and privacy.

The first season of the series was released in early 2014, and the last ended a few weeks before the onset of a new decade of the 21st century.

Study: more than half of Russian companies will implement IoT by 2021

According to the report on “Opportunities and Trends of the Internet of Things: An In-depth Analysis of the Russian Market”, more than 50% of companies have already implemented or plan to implement solutions using the Internet of Things technologies within 12 months.

The average annual growth rate of the IoT market in Russia from 2018 to the end of 2023 will be 19.7%.

The total IoT market in Russia is estimated at $ 3.7 billion. A distinctive feature is that the market is not consolidated, there are many players and there is no clear leader yet.

Key challenges: security, integration and scalability, lack of investment in software development.

Speaking about the goals of investment strategy in the Internet of things, more than a third of respondents report an increase in the level of security in the organization. Almost a third of the respondents included the improvement of product quality, a quarter of the respondents hoped to make more effective and faster decisions through enhanced data collection and analysis. As for the key performance indicators, the majority of respondents share the view that the deployment of IoT solutions can be considered successful if it improves the organization’s productivity, the quality of customer service, and also helps to reduce costs.

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