EncryptoTel weekly digest(29.04.19)

The growth of Twitter’s user base, the New York State Attorney General’s Office will initiate an investigation regarding Facebook and a growing interest in virtual PBX around the world.

Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook shares grew after the publication of financial statements

Last week, three large IT companies published quarterly financial statements. The investors had been pleasantly surprised with the results of their activity, which immediately had a positive effect on the value of their shares. For example, Twitter social network revenues in Q1 rose by 20% yoy to $ 787 million. The daily active users base grew by 11% to 134 million, while in Q4 2018, the growth of active users was at 9%.

Microsoft reported an increase in revenue from commercial cloud services in the third quarter of fiscal 2018–2019. Revenue from Azure, Dynamics 365, and commercial Office 365 applications grew by 41% to $ 9.6 billion. Now these services give 31.4% of total corporate revenue ($ 30.6 billion in the third quarter). The fastest growing cloud computing business Azure had 73% of annual growth.

Despite the series of scandals, Facebook also managed to please investors. The social network reported revenue growth of 26% to $ 15.1 billion in the first quarter. Adjusted earnings per share were $ 1.89, which is higher than analysts’ forecast, who expected them to be at $ 1.63 in Q1.

Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook shares went up by 12%, 5% and 7% respectively during the week.

New York Prosecutor General is concerned about Facebook

The New York State Attorney’s Office is planning to launch an investigation into the illegal data collection of more than 1.5 million email addresses of Facebook users. This has become known in April 2019. As it was found out, Facebook collected email addresses of some users who registered after 2016. Collected addresses were used to improve the advertising targeting algorithms on Facebook.

“Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated disrespect for user information, and at the same time benefited from this data,” said New York State Attorney General James Letitia, in a statement. — “It’s time to make Facebook accountable for how it processes personal information of users.”

The social network itself had previously argued that the practice of collecting email addresses was an “unintended” error, which arose because of the method that Facebook had been using previously to verify the identity of new users.

Research: revenue of virtual PBX providers will increase to $ 5 billion in 2019

Providers of virtual PBXs in 2019 will account for about 18% or $ 5 billion of all revenues on the PBX market in the world, according to experts of the Eastern Management Group. Virtual PBXs are growing faster than the average PBX market, due to the high demand for cloud services.

Educational companies, as well as companies from insurance, healthcare, retail business and real estate industry have shown the greatest interest in virtual PBX. The most popular functions of virtual PBX are SIP trunking (virtual communication channel between the provider (operator) of IP-telephony and client’s IP-PBX, allowing you to connect any amount of telephone numbers), messaging and chats, as well as video messaging.

Singapore becomes the largest center of venture capital funds

The efforts of the Singapore authorities, seeking to create a developed ecosystem to attract and support start-ups, did not go unnoticed. The number of venture capital funds registered in Singapore increased to 150. According to PitchBook, venture financing increased to $ 10.5 billion in 2018 from $ 800 million in 2012. The main focus is on the development of technological startups.

According to Enterprise Singapore, the state agency responsible for the development, the number of organizations launching incubators and accelerators in Singapore, has exceeded 100, with companies such as L’Oreal, Microsoft and Oracle among them.

Opinion: mass distribution of 5G to 2021 has almost zero probability

Craig Moffett, co-founder of research firm MoffettNathanson and lead analyst in the field of telecommunications, believes that the new generation 5G mobile network will not be available for general use in the next two years. He expressed his skepticism about the loud statements of American and other telecom companies about the imminent transition to 5G.

“The likelihood that 5G will become ubiquitous technology by 2021 is virtually non-existent,” Moffett said on Tuesday.

In particular, according to Moffett, there is not enough spectrum in the USA to fully deploy 5G networks.

EncryptoTel participated in the fintech conference from the leading business publication

Our team had participated in the III International Conference Fintech-2019, which is organized by the leading business publication of Russia — Vedomosti. The conference was devoted to the digital transformation of the economy and new financial technologies.

“Networking, communication with representatives from various industries, officials and investors, as well as with potential clients and partners is the result of our participation in the Fintech-2019 conference,” said Roman Nekrasov, CEO EncryptoTel.

In the course of several panel discussions the main topics were the future of traditional financial and non-financial industries in the era of digital transformations and the role of regulators in the process of introducing innovative technologies.

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