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Sep 30 · 3 min read

Cloud PBX in Asia, Telegram’s competition for developers of smart contracts and user experience with IVR.

Study: Cloud PBX market in Asia will exceed $ 5 billions by 2027

The cloud PBX market in the Asia-Pacific region was estimated at $ 1.1 billion in 2018. By 2027, it will jump to $ 5.07 billion, with 18.7% of annual average growth, according to the latest report on the regional cloud PBX development

The main factor stimulating the growth will be the demand for efficient communications and lower operating costs from enterprises.

In addition, cloud-based PBX allows organizations to integrate business applications at a wider level, combining numerous offices and services in a single network.

Not the least role will be played by the fact that in many countries of the Asia-Pacific region, the development of data processing centers for cloud technologies is supported at the government level.

Telegram announces a contest for developers of smart contracts for TON

The messenger team launched a contest with a prize fund of $ 200,000- $ 400,000 for developers of smart contracts for the future blockchain platform of the TON messenger, whose launch is expected at the end of October 2019. The contest participants need to solve the following problems:

- create one smart contract or more,

- suggest improvements for FunC or the TON virtual machine,

- find problems and suggest fixes for TON Testnet.

The goal of the new competition is to implement at least one of the smart contracts listed in the competition profile for the TON blockchain using the tools provided in the distribution kit.

The competition will end on October 15 at 23:00 CET.

Survey: 61% of customers hate chatting with an interactive voice system

According to a Vonage study, using an interactive voice system in a business can have a negative effect if the system is inefficiently configured. In a survey in which 2010 U.S. residents aged from 16 to 55 took part, it turned out that more than half (51%) of respondents refused the services of a company due to a negative experience in communicating with IVR systems. 61% of respondents said they had a negative experience with IVR systems. And only 13% said they were satisfied with IVR.

The main complaint, which 63% of users mentioned, was that the IVR system forced them to listen to information that they did not need. 54% noted difficulties in contact with a living person, and 46% were complaining about long menus. 45% said that they have to answer the same questions several times.

An employee of the closed nuclear center in Sarov was fined for mining at the workplace

The city court of the closed Russian city of Sarov, in which the federal nuclear center is located, fined one of the employees named Baykov for 450 thousand rubles for using working equipment for mining.

In February 2019, several employees were detained at the nuclear center for “unauthorized use of official computing power.” Criminal proceedings against them was formulated under three articles — unlawful access to computer information, the use of computer viruses and violation of the rules for storing computer information.

Criminal cases against the other two more employees — Rybkin and Shatokhin — were referred to the Sarov City Court.

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