EncryptoTel weekly digest(30.12.18)

Apple’s new challenges, expectations on the smartphone market and the launch of the first virtual PBX with integrated blockchain services

Apple is predicting hard times

The fall of the smartphone market is no secret to anyone. For the second year, flagship smartphones sales by Samsung and Apple are declining, and in 2019 this trend will continue.

Since the beginning of 2018, Apple shares have fallen by 7%, and although most analysts advise buying or holding US securities, predicting growth of up to $ 225 per share, some experts believe that Apple will have a tough year in 2019.

“Given the litigation with Qualcomm, saturating the market with smartphones and fears associated with international trade, we can easily test historical lows, and Apple shares could fall from the current level by 25%,” said Pelham Smithers, managing director of the London investment company.

According to the forecast of Citi Research, iPhone production in Q1 2019 will fall to 45 million. Earlier, Citi had forecasted production at the level of 50 million smartphones in Q1 2019. First of all, the reduction will affect the production of one of the latest iPhone models — XS Max, which entered the market only in September 2018. Citi Research expects the production of this model to be reduced by 48%

Sony speeds up the development of 3D camera for smartphones

Sony Corp., the largest chip maker for smartphone cameras, is increasing its production of next-generation 3D sensors. The largest manufacturers of smartphones, including Apple and Samsung, began to show interest in 3D cameras. According to rumors, 3D cameras may appear in the iPhone 11 smartphones, which will be released in late 2019.

According to Satoshi Yoshihara, head of the Sony sensory division, in 2019 chips for both front-facing and rear-facing cameras will go on the market, which will allow shooting in 3D mode and creating 3D models. Mass production of chips is expected at the end of the summer, but it is already clear that this direction will be profitable.

3D cameras along with the launch and distribution of 5G mobile networks and the release of bending smartphones are the main trends that, according to analysts’ expectations, will dominate the smartphone market in 2019.

Instagram unsuccessfully tried to change the feed scrolling format

Social network has introduced a new way to view photos and videos in the main feed. Instead of usual scrolling down, horizontal scrolling of the feed was introduced, by analogy with the one in the “Stories”.

But users were not ready for such a radical change in the design of the application. Instagram was hit by a barrage of criticism from its own users. As a result, the social network quickly returned to classic scrolling view.

The Russian telecom market showed record growth over the past five years

In 2018, revenues of the telecommunications industry grew by 3.4% / This is the best result in the last five years. Pay TV, broadband access and mobile communications have become key growth segments, while revenues from fixed telephony and inter-operator services continue to decline. Such data is contained in the TMT Consulting report.

In 2018, the Russian telecom market earned 1.7 trillion rubles. Over the past 12 months, revenue growth amounted to 60 billion rubles.

The main source of revenue was the mobile segment, which grew by 5%. According to analysts, the key role in restoring the growth rate of revenue underlies in the termination of price wars, cancelation of unlimited mobile internet access and introduction of new services.

EncryptoTel launched a full-fledged virtual PBX with integrated blockchain services

Today, we are releasing a full version of the EncryptoTel platform. Now EncryptoTel has become more reliable, more convenient and more stable due to the use of the most advanced development systems and redesigned internal architecture of the platform.

New version of EncryptoTel PBX is the core of the platform, on which other services integrated with distributed registry technology and future additional modules, will be based.

Now users have access to the full cloud EncryptoTel PBX application and mobile apps for Android (beta) and iOS (testflight).