EncryptoTel will take part in a digital economy conference.

Our team will discuss the latest trends in the rapidly developing digital economy market at the Crypto.Rebranding conference, which will be held in Moscow on February 13.

Chief Financial Officer Igor Bityutsky will be representing EncryptoTel. The main topics for discussions will be rebranding, investment and security in the digital world.

The representative of EncryptoTel will make a presentation on “Decentralized and centralized systems in telecommunications”.

“Decentralized services are often contrasted with centralized services, but it is the combination of both that will help to achieve a synergistic effect. We follow this approach in EncryptoTel,” noted Bityutsky.

In addition to EncryptoTel, recognized experts in the field of finance, investment and cyber security will take part in the conference.

“It is necessary to develop a market with strong players, using effective marketing methods and rules, which are understandable to all those interested in developing the digital economy,” says Yevgeny Galiakhmetov, head of the Altergate Foundation.