Mobile 360 ​​Russia & CIS Moscow conference summary

The main topic of discussion during the Mobile 360 ​​conference was the 5G standard.

Russia intends to become one of the leading countries in the transition to the 5G standard. 5G will be a solution that promotes network unloading, and by 2025 about 80% of the population will have been using the fifth generation communication. Russian mobile operators plan to launch commercial 5G networks in 2020. It is expected that by 2025, 5G will be one fifth of all the country’s mobile connections (48 million), which will make Russia the leading 5G market among the CIS countries. According to the report “Mobile Economy: Russia and CIS 2018”, by 2025, 5G services will also be available in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

It is assumed that the first 5G technologies in the region will focus on the enhanced mobile broadband network (Enhanced Mobile Broadband, eMBB), which will increase its bandwidth overload.

Shortly thereafter, the spread of the Internet of things and 5G-based enterprise solutions will follow. According to forecasts, the number of Internet connections in the CIS region will triple in the next few years, reaching 660 million subscribers by 2025 and opening up new opportunities in areas such as the creation of smart cities and intelligent services and utilities. Other areas of opportunity for mobile operators in the CIS region include e-commerce, blockchain and investments in the startup ecosystem.

Encrypto Telecom is interested in the development of 5G, which creates great opportunities for business development, especially in the field of IP-telephony and cloud services that we are providing.