Our team took a part at Global Blockchain Conference at the end of September in Boston.

Global Blockchain Conference in Boston assemble hundreds of IT specialists and investors.

AI in procurement, blockchain in telecom, and deep learning in tourism were among the topics discussed at a major technology conference that took place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center this September 25–28, 2018.

The discussion involved all industry verticals — Finance, Retail/E-Commerce/M-Commerce, Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech, Energy, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco, Auto, Hi-Tech, Media, Agriculture, Chemical, Government, Transportation, etc.

The list of speakers included representatives of Google, SAP, TripAdvisor, blockchain startups, and others. Thus, George Bezerra, director of TripAdvisor, revealed how natural language processing and deep learning can help catching fraudsters, while Marcell Vollmer, chief digital officer of SAP, discussed how AI will change the face of procurement. Telecom industry will also face revolutionary changes after blockchain implementation, and this was the topic of discussion involving representatives of blockchain-based telecom project EncryptoTel, which works with cloud virtual PBX focused both on individuals and businesses.

The conference was attended by worldwide famous thinktanks and experts from the industry, as well as executives, developers, team leaders, and administrators from various fields of knowledge.

Participant had an unparalleled opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs interested in advancing, extending or implementing the blockchain technology. Furthermore, workshops and startup pitches will embellish the in-depth scope of the event.