The EncryptoTel Token (ETT): fuel for our telecommunications ecosystem

ETT will be an integral part of EncryptoTel’s offering and the package we offer to users and investors. Its use will be built into all of our services, ensuring steady and increasing demand right from the start.

As we design both the technical and economic aspects of EncryptoTel, we are aware of the need to reward our investors by maintaining demand and buy pressure on our crowdfunded token, ETT. We are going about this in a number of ways.

Native currency. Firstly, ETT will be the primary currency for our PBX and VoIP services. We do not wish to restrict customers unduly, so it will be possible to pay in a range of ways, including with a large number of popular cryptocurrencies. However, payments using ETT will give discounts and other advantages over different currencies, making it the most attractive option.

Burning. Whenever ETT is used to pay for services, these tokens will be burned. This will reduce available supply, whilst buy pressure from new customer payments will maintain demand. We anticipate that this will drive the price up significantly over time.

Always available. If customers do not already hold ETT, there will be the option to buy it at the time of payment, to ensure the maximum discount. We will use the APIs of popular exchanges directly, to make this a frictionless process. There will be little reason not to use ETT for payments.

Voting power. Holding ETT will allow investors to take part in strategic business decisions. The influence they have in any given vote will be proportional to the amount of tokens they hold.

Personal investor accounts. ETT investors will be able to track company statistics, current quarter profits and our payments history through their own user area. Access to this will also be based on our token.

Token mining. For more advanced Waves users, it is possible to add ETT to the config file and accept the token as mining fees, so that it can be used to pay for your own and other people’s transactions. EncryptoTel’s own Waves node will of course offer this too.

In this way, we aim to make ETT an attractive investment with the opportunity of long-term and significant appreciation.

For more information, visit the EncryptoTel website or the bitcointalk thread. To invest in the EncryptoTel crowdsale, visit