The announcement

Hello guys,

We’ve just came back from #Waves Platform client 1.0 presentation, which took place in Amsterdam. And it was a fantastic experience! Ride on the Waves!

Unfortunately, the schedule of pitches was tight which didn’t allow us to make an announcement on stage. Nevertheless, this was done in a friendly atmosphere with a glass of wine after all the speeches.

After anonymous long testing of our waves node, we want to announce our own pool in the Waves platform network. That makes ETT tokens can be used as a fee for transactions on Waves blockchain! For example you can send 1 Waves with 0.001 wETT fee for the network to proceed with transaction.
We are confident that this additional option of using our wETT token will allow us to make a step out of the ecosystem of our PBX and become more diverse for the actively growing Waves network.

To start mining Waves and other tokens just make lease transaction to this address: 3PNMvAqJWYPkwf8fhz46rZiLEWpTmuhD3Uh

Big thanks goes to Dmitry Meshkov for deploying and setting up our node.

In the near future, we will establish relationships with other nodes, so that transactions with the wETT commissions will be processed even faster. Also, the pool website design is going through a complete overhaul, so that new users can easily lease their Waves balances to maintain the network and receive rewards.

Some statistics:
POSPOOL ranks second in the TOP 3 Generators *
Generation balance — 6 828 897.984 Waves
One of the smallest commissions among pools is 2%


Stay tuned for upcoming announcements
Roman Nekrasov,
CEO and co-founder of EncryptoTel