I am GreyBeard of 6Musicshire. My Top 20 2017 contains only two Top 40 hits.

Enda Guinan
Dec 14, 2017 · 4 min read

And time for the Top 20 ‘singles’.


a. Let’s define a single as something that was released as a single (quaint!) or used as promo for an album as a grat or airplay. So, yes on ‘Favorite Song’ and no on ‘Put Your Money On Me’ (soz Arcade Fire).

b. Susanne Sundfor’s ‘Undercover’ is a Quiet Storm masterpiece. A huge tune with hooks and drama that pushes her voice into goosebump territory. The lyrics are so abject that they teeter dangerously close to camp, but anyone that saw her perform this live could tell that a) she’s actually quite fun but b) when she sings, she fucking means it.

b. I’ve almost totally submerged in greybeard BBC 6Music demographic. I don’t want to turn into a chap that rages against the noise/commercial wallpaper/not real music of the Top 40 . I can tune in tune out. The great/mediocre/poor ratio is probably as proportional as ever it was— I just think I’ve mostly grown out of it.

Only two of these tracks have troubled the Top 40: the fizzingly inventive French Montana, and Drake’s inescapable, insidious Pasionfruit). Katy Perry’s ridiculous ‘Bon Appetit ‘ also almost made it though.

This is what happens when you buy a turntable. You have been warned.

c. There’s a corresponding Spotify playlist bit.ly/2017DOC (although we’re missing the very sad and lovely ‘post-Brexit’ track from Oxford’s Candy Says. Look them up on Bandcamp.

Here come the hits!

  1. Undercover Susanne Sundfør

Epic. See above

2. 3WW Alt_J

“Let’s put out an unclassifiable track as the lead. Bit Bohemian Rhapsody, bit flowery English folk, and a sudden noisy bit to keep everyone awake.” “Done.”

3. Land Animal Bent Knee

“So, so, totally widescreen OTT…”

4. Deadly Valentine Charlotte Gainsbourg

What a video… and what a song. Gainsbourg’s distinctive whsiper singing over a very slinky, electro backing. With strings…

5. Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex

Woozy, atmospheric, sensual while being immaculately produced and cerebral. (And there’s a whole album of it.)

6. Favorite Song Sinkane

On an album of joy, is anything as pure as this ode to dancing to one’s favourite song? And dancing to your favourite song works every time:

I wanna feel it in my body
Fell it in my body, feel it in my veins
Well I feel it in my body, I fell it in my body

7. Dark Mornings Joe Chester

Perhaps The Easter Vigil’s poppiest track. What one wouldn’t give to travel to California in 1976 and present this to Buckingham, Nicks and McVie. It would be on Rumours. No doubt.

8. Soft Feelings Sondre Lerche

Were you looking for the 2017 love child of Suburbia and Bizarre Love Triangle? Ya got it, with bells on.

9. Looking In From The Outside Candy Says

The ‘first #Brexitwave’ track, they say. It’s the sound of grown ups feeling that things are out of control. It’s also a lullaby for our addled hears and hearts.

10. Unforgettable French Montana feat. Swae Lee

Lots of the usual tropes about money and partying, but this time undercut with ambiguity. That faded vocal from Swae Lee. That insistent, muted music.

11. Truth Kamasi Washington

12. Witness Benjamin Booker

13. All Will Be Ships

14. Saturn Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAlister

15. New York Saint Vincent

16. The Heart Part 4 Kendrick Lamar

17. Forsvinder Bremer/McCoy

18. Passionfruit Drake

19. Holy Mountain Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

20. Goose Snow Cone Aimee Mann

Spotify for the Top 20

Spotify with almost 200 groovy tracks from 2017. Listen on shuffle. You’ll hear something great.

Enda Guinan

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Import in London. Does digital things for @Sarcoma_UK, Superhost, @plumguide referral king, likes music that sounds like computers weeping. Opinions own etc.

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