It’s been one heck of a week!

I have been working for more or less 56 hours (7 days) this week and my saturday ain’t even over yet. I’m writing this now on a Saturday midnight at 1:04am because I feel like I just need to write something.

Updates, updates, updates!

What the heck am I doing?

Black Survival Full Review

I haven’t touched the draft of my Black Survival Full Review for two whole days now but I’m planning to finish it by tomorrow. Mean time, you can read the TLDR version here.

Side project, MongoDB learning, and other learning learning learning stuff

I haven’t studied anything on my spare time last week. I felt sick and just have to rest on my bed for the whole saturday. I also used up my sunday to write down a draft of the Black Survival Full Review.

I’m thinking if I should jump right into coding and learn Node.js ASAP but also I want to build a real app for real people. So I am taking this very seriously, and I think I need to spend some extra bit of time on planning.

Organizing my phone

I’ve seen this post recently, and I’m planning to reorganize my phone tonight. Time is ticking though, and it’s 1:36am by the time I reached this part! I am doing something else and the internet is shitty. Damn, 1:40am, and still, internet is shitty. I can’t even save this.

Maybe I’ll post a before and after blog? That would be nice!

Catching up on Origin

I have to finish my Dan Brown’s Origin by sunday. The book has been stuck for too long on the shelf already!

Should I make a book review though? I don’t know if I have what it takes. C’mon man, just write. Right?


Okay, it’s really getting late now, so with these, here’s the plan for the weekend:

⬜ Organize phone
⬜ Finish writing black survival full review
⬜ Write a blog post about organizing phone
⬜ Get back to where I left off on my side project

⬜ Finish Origin by Dan Brown

⬜ Sleep sleep sleep

I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading everyone! I’ll write another post soon!

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