Quick iTools X Download

Are you looking for the best alternative to the Apple iTunes? Yes, iTools X download will give you all the solutions you are looking for. If you are an Apple user, you may have already heard about iTools X. Almost all the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are interested in iTools X download and here you go with the details about it.

You use iTunes whenever you need to download a video or song. iTunes has any media content such as ringtones, movies, and music files. iTools X download also provides you with the same features with some additionals into the bag. iTools X makes it easy to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod as it has many features that iTunes doesn’t have. With iTools X you can easily transfer music to the Apple device without synchronizing the whole music library. If you want your favorite music as your ringing tone you can customize music as your exclusive ringtone by Ringtone Maker in Toolbox. It also allows you to copy your iphone screen to PC.

iTools X automatically convert file formats to support the iDevice in the synchronization process and can delete a file directly while iTunes needs the access to the library and search for the file to delete. iTools X requires a small storage and it is, therefore, faster than iTunes. Also, iTools X has a window style, user-friendly interface so that it is famous than the iTunes. So it’s clear that iTools X download is more beneficial than the iTunes.

Compatible devices to iTools X download

Apple users in all over the world using iTools X to the replacement of the iTunes. But are you sure whether your device fits the iTools X? You must have a clear idea about what devices support iTools X. We can simply say, all the iDevices that compatible with iOS 11 are compatible with iTools X download. So as I list down the devices:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 and 6 plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus
  • iPad mini 2,3 and 4
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • 10.5 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pro models
  • 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch

Features of iTools X download

  • Battery Master gives you a full report of battery information
  • user -friendly interface
  • File sharing
  • Ability to search song lyrics
  • Backup and restore without data loss
  • Organize your media library
  • Icons arrangements
  • Sync music, photos or videos
  • You can make your own ringtone even with your own voice recording
  • You can easily manage the other file information

System requirements for iTools X download

iTools X download for Windows

This iTools X is compatible with all the Windows operating systems with both 32 bit and 64 bit.

  • You must have an Intel or AMD processor
  • At least 256MB RAM is required
  • Processing power: 750MHz
  • Needs a 40MB of space from the hard disk

iTools X download for Mac

  • You must have an Intel or AMD processor
  • At least 256MB RAM is required
  • Processing power: 750MHz
  • Needs a 40MB of space from the hard disk
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