On Thursday, May 30th, Aaron and Pierre attended the Hello Future Summit in Shanghai. The event was a unique opportunity to network with the attendees, which included representatives from Walmart, Shisedo and more.

Pierre Networking with Another Attendee

The two stayed at the event for the day and participated in interesting talks and dialogues. For any EndChain participants in Shanghai or Asia, we welcome you to join us at our next event. Both Aaron and Pierre will be attending CES Asia next week and we hope to see some of you there!

In the last article, we wrote about what the EndChain team has been doing over the past three months. Now we want to focus on the future of our project and ICO.

With the proof of concept already running, we are returning to focus more on EndChain. From our initial proof of concept, our team has talked to multiple manufacturers and retailers to see what their real life pain points are. As such, our team can hit the ground running to tackle these problems. …

As the overall coin market took a nose dive in the beginning of 2019, we communicated on 5 Feb 2019 that EndChain’s ICO would be pushed back (https://medium.com/@endchain/endchain-news-ico-date-changes-5cf90cea0f71).

Despite the lack of funding for our ambitious EndChain project, we wanted to use the waiting time to validate our business case. Given all Co-Founders were on the ground in China and have strong China connections, we decided to push forward with a special China Project.

To that end we started another unrelated blockchain company in China named “ProtectorChain”. This is a project focusing on traceability we started within China as tokens…

Due to the current bear market that cryptocurrencies face, EndChain will postpone its ICO until June 1st, 2019. This will allow the market time to recover and for EndChain to continue to develop its product and create new partnerships.

EndChain will not be effected by this delay. Our team will continue to push our product forward to bring mass adoption of blockchain to daily products. Currently, our team is working hard on procuring additional blockchain developers and is in talks with multiple large corporations.

We believe the market will improve itself over the next few months as the bulls take…

EndChain’s Pre-ICO will be extended until February 1st, 2019. This will enable more ICO participants to take advantage of our biggest bonus of 50%. Anybody is allowed to participate in the Pre-ICO, EndChain believes that a decentralized marketplace should allow all individuals to have the same opportunities.

All bonus tokens are immediately given to ICO participants and can be seen in their account balance. After the end of the ICO, the system will open to withdrawals. EndChain tokens can be withdrawn to any ERC20 wallet.

The start date of EndChain’s ICO remains unchanged. The official ICO will start as soon…

EndChain would like to wish everybody a happy new year! Although 2018 was difficult for those in the cypto-market, we believe 2019 will be a sharp improvement.

First and foremost, the popularity of blockchain has continued to grow. As more people become familiar with the technology, corporations will become increasingly comfortable with incorporating it into their system and products. As this demand grows, those in the blockchain industry who continue to develop and perfect their product will differentiate themselves from the crowd. This has always been the goal of EndChain. …

EndChain is currently working on its API to integrate with companies. Our team has received a few questions about the API, and we are here to explain it in more detail.

For those who are new to EndChain, EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain utility company that is focused on bringing blockchain tracking to everyday goods. We do this through our patent-pending QR and barcode integration.

For each product, there will be a generic barcode embedded in the QR code, which will allow the blockchain and legacy systems to be updated at the same time. How is the API involved?


EndChain is one of the best rated ICOs of the year. Across almost every rating website, EndChain stands out for its impeccable scores. Don’t take our word for it, here are some examples:

Coinschedule- A

FindICO- 4.8/5

IcoCDR- 9.3/10

IcoBench- 4.5/5

While many agree that EndChain is solving a real world problem with a well-rounded team, people are still curious into how we are able to have such amazing scores. The reasoning is simple: EndChain is committed to its project and it shows throughout our work.

Different rating websites have different criteria. The criteria can include points such as: team…

Counterfeits in the cosmetics industry are rampant. Manufacturers that once focused on counterfeiting handbags have moved to cosmetics as these items have large markups and can be sold in bulk. The market for cosmetics is huge, with an estimated market size of $523 billion in 2017. The market is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 7% annually and exceed $800 billion by 2023.

As the market continues to grow, so will the number of counterfeits. In 2016 alone, US customs seized 2,000 shipments of counterfeit cosmetics. These products were not only fake, but dangerous as well. Items that…

On December 3rd, 2018, the CEO and CTO of EndChain attended the Crypto-Monday event held at the Asia-Pacific Blockchain Center in Shanghai, China. Aaron Perkowitz, CEO and Pierre Angot, CTO, both attended in order to listen to some of the hot topics in the blockchain space as well as network.

Both representatives of EndChain had the opportunity to speak with like-minded investors, entrepreneurs and well-known individuals within the blockchain space. Overall, the experience was positive as those who listened to the explanation of EndChain immediately saw the benefits and were intrigued to learn more.


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