Having spent their summers working in a family-owned restaurant, Endeavor Entrepreneurs and brothers, Hazem El-Dalati and Fahed El-Dalati, had a love for food instilled in them from a very young age. Growing up, they took this passion into building one of Egypt’s leading F&B brands: Crave.

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Crave is a chain of global fusion dish restaurants where casual dining and international cuisine meet, filling a gap that the Egyptian market lacked. “Opening Crave was always a vision I had,” shared Hazem, looking back at the conception of Crave.

The idea behind Crave came to Hazem following his three-year career at Sainsbury’s, where he gained considerable experience and insights into the operations of such a complex business having held leadership positions that varied from Store Manager, Area Manager and Produce Buyer. It was after the company shut down that Hazem embarked on what he calls his “entrepreneurship cycle.” Following a series of trials in kickstarting ventures, Crave came to life. …

Since her youth, Endeavor Entrepreneur Dina Aly was driven with ambition to transform ideas into reality and always knew that her big dream was to run her own business. Today, she is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Matter, Egypt’s first award winning specialized branding agency.

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The Beginning of an Entrepreneurial Journey

After pursuing an education in Business with a specialization in Marketing from the American University in Cairo, Dina kicked off her career in advertising in production and account management, handling multinational clients such as Coca Cola, Nescafe, Etisalat and McDonalds. …

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Endeavor Egypt Board Member Tarek Fahim had some valuable tips to give to MENA founders and entrepreneurs raising seed rounds, which he posted on his personal Facebook page and which we’re re-sharing below. Tarek, an Egyptian entrepreneur and a software engineer by education, is the Managing Partner of Endure Capital, a cross-border Venture Capital fund and an early investor in Careem, Wuzzuf, Aspect Biosystems, Boom Supersonic among many other leading startups in the US, Canada, UK, and MENA.

“The below are some practical tips to MENA founders to overcome possible pitfalls at seed rounds.

  1. Don’t give up more than 20% of your company at the seed round for the money you need to grow the business for 12–16 months.


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