New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year. Let us not mistake it for a clean slate. Nothing gets wiped cleaned. You still carry forward what you did the year before — the past persists. What the new year does afford is the opportunity to readjust. Resolve to move forward toward your potential and the person you have yet to be.

Somehow we mistake “resolutions” to be about things: losing weight, reading more, drinking less, working out. That’s fine — but those are just things on a list — rungs on a ladder. What does the better you do thinner, more learned, sober, and fit?

Resolutions made without purpose — without you and your goals in mind — inevitably fail. So instead of the diet you have the cookie, forgo the bestseller for TV, have that beer, and skip the gym not because you don’t have willpower but because you don’t have a clear will. Don’t mistake resolutions for being an objective; resolutions need an objective — they need inspiration. Just as you wouldn’t put out the contents of your refrigerator on your dining room table and declare that dinner is served, don’t merely tick off things that sound like it will transform you. You need intent and purpose. You need to know where you are going. That makes dieting and going to dance classes all that more joyous. That makes dieting and dance classes the rungs on the ladder to the next level.

Do you want that promotion or raise? Map out a way to get there; map out the rungs — the skills workshop; being better organized. It requires work. It requires resolve. But it can’t just happen.

For 2016, let’s resolve to move forward, towards goals, purpose and potential.

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