Imad Malhas has a strong technical background in the field of information technology and has been considered a pioneer in software development in the Middle East for over two-decades. Malhas obtained his B.Sc.Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, USA in 1984. He founded IrisGuard Inc…

Eon Dental begins testing manufacturing parts for Ventilators

Eon Dental, a Jordanian dental technology company that traditionally manufactures clear aligners, has announced collaborating with the relevant authorities in Jordan as well other individual efforts to develop and produce certain consumables and spare parts for ventilators urgently needed in the fight…

In a time when the whole world is under partial or complete lockdown, businesses are facing significant challenges and need to respond rapidly. Today, companies are forced to implement immediate disruptive measures to their business models in order to evolve and survive the new realities.

Endeavor Jordan conducted a survey…

Endeavor Jordan

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in over 35 growth markets worldwide. Endeavor Jordan was established in 2009.

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