by Eloho Omame (Managing Director & CEO, Endeavor Nigeria)

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This week, along with Briter Bridges, Endeavor Nigeria released a report titled “Scaling Through Crisis: Impact Assessment on Startups and Scaleups in Nigeria”. The report is a qualitative assessment of the impact of the pandemic on Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem. It examines the rising trends from the “new normal” — which we are all in the process of adapting to — and assesses what strategies are being implemented by various stakeholders.

The pandemic took the world by surprise, and the subsequent financial downturn in the global economy was severe, causing a number of businesses to struggle for survival. It is clearly important to track and study the effects of these phenomena on businesses and governments. In-depth conversations were held with founders, business leaders, investors, institutional lenders and policymakers and agencies in Nigeria. …

A whitepaper with policy recommendations for Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem as startups and scaleups navigate the fallout of the global pandemic

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by Eloho Omame, Managing Director, Endeavor Nigeria

If you are the founder of a high-growth startup or scaleup in Nigeria, then you have inevitably been affected by the crisis that has tilted the entire world on its axis since early in the year. …

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Leaders who can respond quickly, think outside the box, and communicate clearly and with empathy, tend to be more effective than others.

While many leaders around the world are struggling to figure out how to transition their companies to adjust to the harsh blows the crisis has dealt the global workforce, some leaders have managed to quickly come up with inspiring work-from-home policies, remote-friendly perks and benefits, and flexible work schedules.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, was one of the first to embrace the work-from-home model after the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. As the virus spread from country to country, Jack decided to take things a step further and introduce a permanent, and mandatory, work-from-home policy. In addition to offering their workers the option to stay home, Twitter also announced additional support for parents, hourly, and contract workers — as well as an increase in workers’ work-from-home stipend. …


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