An Appeal To Twitter

Show your commitment to freedom of speech and reinstate my account

I am aware that I run a very controversial Twitter account, I am not naive enough to think otherwise. I am a pedophile, which means that I am — through no choice of mine — sexually attracted to children. What it does not mean, though, is that I have ever sexually abused a child (I have not) or that I have any intention of ever doing so (I do not). It also doesn’t mean that I support, in any way, the creation, distribution and consumption of child pornography (I do not). Finally, it doesn’t inherently mean that I believe children are capable of providing meaningful and valid consent or that adults should have the right to have sex with them (I most definitely do not).

I am member of an organization called Virtuous Pedophiles formed by pedophiles who actually acknowledge that adult-child sex is inherently harmful, that children are unable to understand the implications of a sexual relationship with an adult in order to consent to it, and therefore refrain from acting on our attractions because we desire to harm no one. This organization has been operating for a number of years now and has been recently featured in a lot of articles and documentaries about the topic of pedophilia and child sexual abuse, and has been endorsed by experts, scientists and child protection advocates as a key organization to help reduce the stigma towards people with pedophilia so these can more easily seek help if they need to in order to live fulfilling and law abiding lives, keeping more and more children safe from sexual abuse.

VirPed’s goals as stated in their FAQs on their website

The goals of this organization are very clearly stated in the Frequently Asked Questions section on its website. VirPed does not advocate for making adult-child sex acceptable in any way. It is adamantly against any form of child sexual abuse, including the production, distribution and consumption of child pornography. Its only goal is to further education and understanding to make society realize that pedophiles aren’t inherently evil for having an unchosen sexual attraction to children, that most pedophiles go through their lives without sexually abusing a child and that in fact most of those do so not because they are afraid of the consequences, but because they acknowledge the harm in adult-child sexual relationships and wish to inflict harm upon no one, let alone a defenseless and innocent child.

As a member of potentially the most despised human collective in modern society, I have been subjected to abuse, harassment and wishes and threats of violence and horrible deaths on a daily basis on Twitter since I created my account in July of 2015. While I may engage harshly against those that come to harass me, calling them out on their bigotry and irrational hatred, I have never abused, harassed or threatened anyone in the way I have been thousands of times.

My account has often been subjected to mass-reporting campaigns by those who, blinded by the stigma of anything to do with the word ‘pedophile’, don’t bother nor wish to understand the difference between a pedophile and a child molester, and all they wish to do is silence the voice of a minority they don’t understand and often misrepresent as universally deceitful and whose only goal is to manipulate society into allowing them to molest their children. They don’t take the the time to look at my tweets and what I stand for, they willfully refuse to accept the fact that most pedophiles never abuse a child — or that most child molesters aren’t pedophiles — and that a significant majority of us understand the consequences of adult-child sex and are not here to try to change society in order to accept such relationships. As a result, my account has been locked in a couple of occasions. I have always complied and provided the necessary information to reactivate my account, and if needed I have deleted the tweets that were indicated to me by Twitter in order to do so.

However, I have never advocated for anything remotely illegal, and in fact I regularly speak up against other pedophiles who do try to claim that children can consent and that adults should have the right to have ‘consensual’ sexual relationships with them. I have never denied pedophiles with these ideas exist, but I couldn’t be more opposed to them, as are all the pedophiles that subscribe to the Virtuous Pedophiles position on adult-child sex, and I oppose them as fiercely as I oppose the trolls and harassers that come to suggest new and inventive suicide methods on a regular basis.

It appears that one of the latest mass-report campaigns has finally had the result these enemies of free speech were hoping for and my account has finally been suspended. This isn’t the first time my account is suspended on Twitter, though. When I joined Twitter to talk about pedophilia, my account was suspended shortly after starting. I attribute the early suspension of my first account to Twitter not really knowing what I was about, what I advocated for — and what I didn’t — and being slightly trigger-happy in suspending an account self-identifying as a pedophile. I do not blame them for that. However, since I came back with my recently suspended account, I have been running this account for 21 months and have accumulated 32,905 tweets. I know for a fact that I have been reported hundreds of times over this almost two year period since I came back, so I assumed Twitter had realized that I didn’t break any of their terms of service by advocating for anything illegal.

My views are very clearly expressed in my blog here on Medium, through dozens of posts in which I make it very clear that I will never advocate for making adult-child sex neither socially, morally nor legally acceptable. I speak very openly and publicly — and harshly — against any pedophile doing so. I am opposed in all possible ways to the creation, distribution and consumption of any materials in which children have been sexually or otherwise abused in their production, and the consumption of which would encourage the production of more, leading to more abuse of children.

Through my presence on Twitter I have reached thousands of people. And as much negative feedback as I’ve received, I have also received a lot of positive feedback for what I do, from people who have come to understand the difference between an unchosen condition (pedophilia) and a chosen act (child molestation), and acknowledge that having the former isn’t an indication of moral corruption, and that it certainly doesn’t make anyone a monster inherently. Most of the positive feedback comes in private messages though. The people who understand and support non-offending pedophiles are often afraid of voicing their support in the open, since they will promptly be called ‘child rape apologists’, ‘pedo enablers’ or they will be assumed to be pedophiles too, and then they will be subjected to the same kind of harassment that openly admitted pedophiles are subjected to.

I have also been contacted by a number of pedophiles that didn’t know who to turn to for support until they came across my tweets, my blog or my interview on YouTube. These are often teenage pedophiles that are terrified about their prospects in life, having internalized the prevailing narrative that they’re monsters, the scum of the earth, and that they’re destined to ruin a child’s life one day. Through these interactions I have been able to direct them towards a peer-support community where they have been able to interact to other people like them, where they have been able to feel understood and not judged, and where they have been able to realize that they can have a decent life as a pedophile without ever harming a child. I have been able to make a positive impact on these young people’s lives, which is all I’ve wanted to do with my activism. And now Twitter is standing in the way of that with this suspension.

I have also come to interact with child sexual abuse prevention organizations and child protection advocates that understand the important of acknowledging the existence of non-offending pedophiles and understand that the best way to reduce the number of children sexually abused by pedophiles is to work towards reducing the stigma so that pedophiles who feel like they need it can actually seek help, and I have personally collaborated with some of them in prevention projects aimed at extending non-judgemental and confidential support to non-offending pedophiles.

I am going to file an appeal through the official Twitter channels to get my account back. I haven’t even been given an official explanation of what terms of service I have violated in order to deserve to have my account suspended. At a minimum, I would like them to explain why, since I clearly don’t advocate for anything illegal and I don’t defend outrageous ideas about adult-child sex. I don’t know what I’ll do if my account is not reinstated. Creating a new account to overcome a previous account’s suspension is technically against Twitter’s terms of service — even if I’ve already done it once — and is therefore grounds for another suspension. I can always come back with new accounts, as do so many of the trolls that come to harass me after they are suspended over and over again. But I don’t want to play a cat-and-mouse game with Twitter. I stand by everything I have ever said on this blog and my 32,000+ tweets. I am against child sexual abuse and child pornography, and I am firmly committed to the protection of children. But I will not be silenced and I will defend the dignity and basic rights — rights which do not include the right to have sex with children — of non-offending pedophiles that do not deserve to be vilified and demonized for a condition we didn’t choose and can’t change, but which we clearly can refrain from acting on. This vilification and demonization only serves to ostracize pedophiles and drive them underground, afraid to come forward if they feel like they need help to cope with their attractions in healthy and legal ways, subsequently putting more children at risk. Society is starting to realize that a new approach towards pedophiles is needed in order to better serve the interests of children, and it’s time for Twitter to get officially on board with this new approach, and not get in the way — but rather protect — those of us who are trying to raise the awareness necessary for this to work.

UPDATE (April 3rd, 2017)

After less than 24 hours suspended, and only a few hours after filing the appeal through the official channels, my account has been reinstated. No explanation has been given, and I didn’t even receive a notification email — not that I got one when I was suspended either. I have no idea if my account was only suspended because some automated algorithm decided I had been reported enough times, or if a human ever took part in that decision. I also don’t know if they just reinstated my account upon receiving my appeal, if they took the time to read this post or if they even care at all. I am glad that I’m back though. It seems clear that Twitter acknowledges that I don’t break any of their terms of use and that I don’t advocate for anything illegal, and therefore all they’re doing is defending freedom of speech. It’s refreshing.

Of course, as soon as my ‘fans’ learned that my account had been reinstated, the abuse and harassment resumed immediately. From tweets telling me to kill myself, suggesting gruesome ways in which they would do it for me, to ‘shut the fuck up faggot’, to people saying that sexual orientations are clearly a choice — I wonder what planet these people live in — to people simply and willfully refusing to understand the difference between the unchosen condition of being sexually attracted to children and the chosen act of sexually abusing one, insisting that all pedophiles should be killed regardless, including young 12–15 year old children discovering in horror that they have sexual feelings for younger children.

It’s ironic how they don’t realize that they’re proving exactly why I have to be on Twitter and writing this blog. So I want to sincerely thank them for making me even more committed to what I do here.

UPDATE (May 15th, 2017)

I’ve been suspended again, and I’ve filed another appeal to have my account back. This happened right after getting another account locked for sending DMs to multiple pedophiles asking them to kill themselves and advocating for our indiscriminate murder.

So this is the kind of shit we have to deal with on Twitter every day but Twitter suspends my account where the worst thing I do is call people morons for being unable to understand basic concepts or tell them how despicable they are for advocating for the murder of innocent people. But this goes on and it’s just fine:

Finally, I would like to point out how my online presence is supported by actual experts in pedophilia and leaders of child sexual abuse prevention organizations, because they know I advocate for nothing illegal and I encourage and help pedophiles remain non-offending:

So Twitter, please once again do the right thing and suspend accounts that actually engage in targeted abuse and harassment and leave accounts that are just exercising our right to free speech alone.

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