An(other) Appeal To Twitter

It’s time to defend free speech for the most despised minority in modern society

After having my account suspended again (see second update at the bottom of my An Appeal To Twitter post), I filed an appeal and I received an email from Twitter indicating the following:


Your account was permanently suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter Rules:

This account will not be restored.

Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored. 


Twitter Support

As you can see there is no indication of which particular rule they claim I have ‘repeatedly’ violated. However I have reviewed the Twitter rules one by one and I can say I have not broken a single one of them. I have filed another appeal with the following message. The screenshots to tweets cannot be included in the appeal web form so I have linked to Imgur albums where I have hosted the images, but I’m including them here in the body of the post:

I would like you to reconsider my account suspension. You claim I have ‘repeatedly’ violated your terms of service, with a link to I have taken a look at that page and I contend that I have not violated a single one of those rules. Let me address them one by one:
Under the “Content Boundaries and Use of Twitter” section, I have not violated any copyrights or trademarks, I do not post graphic content and I do not misuse Twitter badges. The only point of contention would be on whether my tweets can be deemed to be in “furtherance of illegal activities” but since I openly speak against child sexual abuse and I very clearly do not advocate for the legalization of sex with children, that is clearly not the case.
Under the “Spam” section, I have not engaged in any of the forbidden activities.
Under the “Abusive Behavior”, and while I admit that I sometimes respond with harsh words to some users, we are talking about users that are actually engaging in those abusive behaviors (harassment, death threats/wishes, advocacy of violence towards members of a minority) against me. However, it cannot be said that my account has engaged in any acts of actual threatening, harassing, inciting violence or self-harm. I do not disclose other people’s personal information (in spite of there being lots of people actively trying to “dox” me) and I am not impersonating anyone.
In summary, I fail to see what specific rules or terms of service I have violated, and I kindly ask to have my account reinstated, or at least that you can point out which specific rule Twitter thinks I have violated.

How somehow Twitter thinks my account deserves to be suspended for responding with a few insults to hateful messages like these is really beyond me.

I think it’s time for Twitter to take a stance on defending the freedom of speech of the most despised minority in modern society, and to acknowledge that a growing group of non-offending, anti-contact pedophiles who do not advocate for the legalization of sex with children are a group of people who ought to be defended from abuse and given a platform for free speech, because the route towards reducing child sexual abuse goes through destigmatizing the condition of being sexually attracted to children (though never the act of having sex with children) and acknowledging that pedophiles are human beings that have the same rights as anyone else and whose voice needs to be heard.

So dear Twitter, it’s your turn to step up to the plate, and do what you’re supposed to do.

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