You brought up some interesting points that made me further understand this disorder.
Alexandrea Onas

Dear Alexandrea, thank you very much for your thoughtful response. I want to address some of the points you make:

However, whatever the nature of a pedophiles predisposition towards children be it romantic, sexual, active, latent, or otherwise…it is still unacceptable, inappropriate, and harmful.

I’m afraid that unchosen conditions aren’t subject to anyone’s ‘acceptance’. Whether anyone ‘accepts’ them or not, they’re going to continue to manifest and affect people who never chose to be affected by them. Whether it is ‘appropriate’ or not — since it’s not a choice anyone makes — is also quite irrelevant, I’m afraid. And finally, an attraction isn’t harmful. An attraction is just a feeling, nothing more. Only actions can cause harm. So when a pedophile chooses to never act on his attractions, his attractions alone harm absolutely no one. So no, pedophilia is neither ‘inappropriate’ nor ‘harmful’, and honestly doesn’t much care about whether anyone ‘accepts’ it or not. If you want to read further on this idea, I suggest the following article:

If a person has “fantasies” or predispositions that are unnatural (sex with inanimate objects, animals) I am not in a position to condone, normalize, or sympathize with that behavior.

Similar to how unchosen conditions aren’t subject to ‘acceptance’, they’re also not subject to ‘condoning’ or ‘normalizing’. In addition, pedophilia is not a ‘behavior’ that anyone has to sympathize with — or ‘accept’, ‘condone’ or ‘normalize’, because behaviors would be subject to all those things. Once again, I expand more on those thoughts in this other article:

In fact, it makes perfect sense to keep such individuals separate from the general population.

Why do you think so? The point of my article was to show that our attraction to children is no different than any other person’s attraction to whomever they are attracted to, and to dispel the myth that pedophiles somehow enjoy and are turned on by the thought of seeing children suffer. Why would we need to be kept separate from the general population when we know perfectly well that acting on our attractions would cause harm to children, have no desire to do so, and are perfectly capable of refraining from ever doing so? How many pedophiles do you think would come forward and admit their feelings to a professional if the outcome would be them being ‘kept separate’ from the general population? And how do you suggest pedophiles be ‘kept separate’, exactly? Concentration camps? Prisons? Mental institutions?

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