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Medium is a “strange” platform for “blogging”, there’s no way to just go to a user’s profile page and see all the “real” stories. Responses to other stories will get in the way and it makes it a little annoying. So I’ve decided to create this “Index” or “Table of Contents” of all my “real” stories I have published so far here on Medium, in chronological order:

1. On the concept of the non-offending pedophile (October 4, 2015)

2. On why I have decided to write this blog (October 8, 2015)

3. On the lack of role models for young pedophiles (October 9, 2015)

4. On the harm caused by the media by conflating pedophilia and child molestation (October 14, 2015)

5. On the blind hatred against pedophiles caused by stigma and ignorance (October 24, 2015)

6. On the prosecution of the mere attraction to children (October 27, 2015)

7. On why I’m not proud (or ashamed) of being a pedophile (December 14, 2015)

8. On the misconceptions about sexual attraction to children (December 1 7, 2015)

9. On how a purportedly “open minded” publication would rather slander than try to understand a complex topic (January 8, 2016)

10. On how most child molesters aren’t pedophiles, and most pedophiles never molest (January 18, 2016)

11. A response to Robin Sam’s article on Christian Messenger about pedophiles wanting “equal rights” (February 16, 2016)

12. On whether pedophiles should have sexual fantasies about children (February 24, 2016)

13. On what help pedophiles need, and how you can help (March 17, 2016)

14. On pedophilia terminology and stigma (March 29, 2016)

15. On whether pedophilia meets enough scientific criteria to be considered a mental disorder (April 5, 2016)

16. On what people may mean when they talk about ‘normalizing pedophilia’, and what I really want to achieve (April 11, 2016)

17. A pedophile’s personal journey through realization, despair, lethargy, awakening and acceptance (June 21, 2016)

18. On why comparing the way pedophiles are regarded today with the way Nazis regarded Jews is both legitimate and accurate (July 13, 2016)

19. A response to an article claiming that pedophiles are ‘hijacking’ the term ‘coming out’ (July 15, 2016)

20. On the growing scientific consensus about pedophilia being a sexual orientation (August 2, 2016)

21. A harrowing letter from a young teenage pedophile to his mom, asking for her to not stop loving him (September 28, 2016)

22. A response to a typical argument from internet haters about pedophiles “wanting to rape” children (November 7, 2016)

23. A comprehensive list of all the symptoms of pedophilia (December 13, 2016)

24. An explanation of the outrageous claim that pedophiles have an average of hundreds of ‘undetected’ victims (December 22, 2016)

25. A commentary on the Milo Yiannopoulos debacle (March 23, 2017)

26. An appeal to Twitter following my account suspension (April 3, 2017)

27. On how “justifying/defending/promoting” unchosen conditions makes no sense (April 11, 2017)

28. Another appeal to Twitter following my (apparently definitive) account suspension (May 16, 2017)

29. A crash course on troll techniques (May 17, 2017)

30. On how trolls completely obviate what fantasy is and how it works in order to vilify pedophiles (May 24, 2017)

31. On how the public attempts to silence our voice (May 29, 2017)

32. On how people don’t understand how unchosen conditions work (June 13, 2017)

33. On conspiracy theories and the ‘evidence’ behind them (July 12, 2017)

34. A recap of my first two years of blogging about pedophilia (October 4, 2017)

35. On whether there is a cure for pedophilia, and the danger of promoting conversion therapy for pedophiles (October 30, 2017)

36. On the growing social acceptance of the phenomenon of non-offending pedophiles (November 2, 2017)

37. On being a victim of fake news in order to be discredited (December 26, 2017)

38. On how police treats non-offending pedophiles as ‘guilty until proven innocent’ (January 18, 2018)

39. On how pedophiles are human beings worthy of compassion and support (April 17, 2018)

40. On how we should respond to young teenagers identifying as pedophiles (May 21, 2018)

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