Ah, the fine distinction: perhaps you would be happier if I said, “The desire to rape a child is…
David Streever

Look Momma! Another Straw Man!

The conflation of sexual attraction to children with a ‘desire to rape children’ is a trite tactic used by simpletons without actual arguments like you who refuse to acknowledge basic concepts and distinctions and purposefully want to vilify pedophiles for an unchosen biological trait we never chose and actively decide not to act on precisely because we have no desire to rape anyone, and one I have thoroughly debunked multiple times, including here.

Relevant quote here for your easy ignoring:

A common misconception is that what attracts pedophiles about children is the feeling that we can dominate the child, that we get off on the idea of overpowering an innocent child, of basically raping him or her. The reality, though, is that this is not true, or at least not any more true than it is for people attracted to adults. Rape fantasies happen to be more common than most people think, and there is absolutely no evidence that they are more present in pedophiles than they are in the general population. So any assumption that pedophiles — by definition — get turned on by the thought of raping children is simply unfounded, or pure slander.
Some argue that any thought or fantasy of sex with children is automatically a rape fantasy, since children cannot consent and thus any sexual act with children is the same as rape. And while that is very true in the real world, the thing about fantasy is that, well, it’s fantasy. Meaning that, in an imaginary fantasy world existing only in the mind of the pedophile, children can consent and are not harmed by sex with adults, similar to how pigs can fly and one may own a private island in the Caribbean, or pilot a spaceship to distant galaxies far, far away. Thus, the argument that every pedophile’s fantasies are rape fantasies and that we are sadistic monsters that get off on the suffering of poor innocent little children doesn’t hold. Not to mention that fantasies of sex among children where the fantasist is not even present are very common among pedophiles.

That said, your analogy is simply incorrect (once again). Just like you can’t compare the rape of children with consensual sex between two adults, you can’t compare the desire to rape children with the desire to have consensual sex with an adult. If you want, compare it with those who desire to rape adults, since rape fantasies are incredibly common among ‘normal’ heterosexual people. But pedophiles have no desire to rape anyone by definition. We have a desire to have consensual and loving sex with a child (since that is what being sexually attracted to someone usually means), which we realize is not possible, and therefore actively refrain from doing so. Just like those ‘normal’ heterosexuals that desire to rape others but realize their fantasies cannot be actualized in real life and refrain from doing so. I don’t see you vilifying them.

So stop being an idiot. Stop. Stop. Stop.

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