I think it’s good for the public to be aware of this ideology, as most are unaware.
The span of years is clearly visible to anyone reading this article, as I’ve hot-linked every…
Reginald Harper

Seriously? In what world do you live in? ‘Cause in the one I do, everyone assumes all pedophiles are already having sex with children, let alone believe they should have a right to. So no, what the public is largely unaware of is pedophiles who actually have no desire to make adult-child sex legally, morally or socially acceptable and fight those who do tooth and nail. That’s exactly what Todd, myself and many others under the Virtuous Pedophiles philosophy are trying to raise awareness of.

And don’t tell me you “leave it up to your readers”. You purposefully present Todd Nickerson’s past beliefs to sow doubt about the veracity of his current ones. Otherwise, there would be no reason to even mention it, or your tone would be much different, like “hey look, even a former pro-contact pedophile can come to his senses and have a change of heart, isn’t it amazing?” I mean, come on, just look at the headline you used and tell me there was no intention in it…

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