Another one is to realize — once and for all — that there’s no valid scientific reason to consider…
Jonny B

If it were not considered a mental disorder, how would you propose to remove the stigma of pedophilia? Or am I missing the point of your argument…

The stigma comes from the conflation of pedophilia — the condition of being attracted to children — with child molestation/sexual abuse — the action of molesting/sexually abusing a child, which leads people to believe that all pedophiles are child molesters. The only way to fight this stigma is with education. Education on the difference between unchosen feelings and chosen actions, and on the hard facts about what it means — and, even more importantly — what it doesn’t mean to be a pedophile.

In addition, I believe mental health issues are already fraught enough with stigma to compound the stigma of pedophilia on top of it, so I do think realizing that it’s not a mental illness in any significant meaning of the term would be a good step towards destigmatization.

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