“Most internet forums where pedophiles congregate to obtain peer support and feel less isolated — including the Virtuous Pedophiles forum — have strict rules forbidding members from admitting to any illegal activity.”
Edwardo Lobo

You don’t seem to understand how these places work. People don’t sign up with their real name and email address, don’t disclose their address or any information that can identify who they are in real life. If you think this is because we have something to hide, well then go ahead and believe what you will, but it simply isn’t. There have been internet “vigilantes” that have outed pedophiles who had never done anything wrong and ruined their lives, so people have very good reasons to protect their anonymity even if they haven’t committed any crimes.

We sometimes get people who have a history of prior offenses (either hands on or child porn) for which they have already been prosecuted, convicted and served their time. In other words, they have already paid their dues to society. Our goal is to help them avoid making the same mistakes again, and keep children safe in the process.

If someone admitted to being actively abusing a child, we wouldn’t be able to do anything because we simply have no way to identify that person. If someone admits to using child porn, the same applies. The former has never happened since I’m on the site, and in the latter case all we can do is help them realize why what they’re doing is wrong and help them stop. Reporting them would be useless, because again, we have no idea who the people are in real life. Watching child pornography is not even a cause for mandatory reporting among professionals (except in the state of California in the US, and therapists are unanimously against it), let alone in a peer support group.

The idea that if someone does something illegal they should go and hand themselves in to the authorities is kinda cute and noble but ultimately it is utterly naive. No one does that, unless in really extreme cases when the person is haunted by guilt to a breaking point.

If you are someone who is attracted to children you should immediately seek help…

And what “help” do you think we need? Let me tell you:

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