The boy’s biggest problem

Why are some boys always followers?

Growing up, I never liked football. Seeing the praise and respect my friends got, I started feeling left out. I got to feature in some matches in which I was never a valuable asset. I halted after I got a major embarrassment for causing a goal that led to my team’s defeat. Similarly, I had a friend that decided to get himself a laptop because all his friends had one. He turned his very expensive laptop into a public property because he had no personal need for it.
Most times we (guys) may have felt bad about how we dress, how we talk, he we walk, how we style our hair, how we spend etc, not because something is actually wrong, but because we feel we don’t get as much attention or commendations as our counterparts do. We often tend to believe that going with trends help in boosting our ego.
It is okay to feel a little bit inferior when you are not appreciated. Definitely your ego may attend great heights when you follow trending lifestyles. You may go on to be a role model. When I started playing football, I felt so great whenever I walked into the pitch with great players. My friend looked so classy with his laptop.
We got these little and shiny glories and realized that we lost a very great asset in our lives, “happiness” . There is something common with trending lifestyles. They reign like latest hit tracks and , having very short moments of dominance before they shortly fade away. You must change with changing trends to remain in limelight. You steal happiness away. Guys are naturally inclined to maintain a certain way of living. We may be created with similar features, but our methods of usage are bound to differ.
I have come to understand that all men are different. Not just in names and faces, but in the different approaches they take towards achieving the same thing.
Living a life the world appreciates makes you popular yet unhappy. It gives you a fake personality and puts you at the risk of painful regret. It makes you spend time leaving for other people with little care about yourself. The attention of the world is short span.
The world loves personalities that are unique. It may take time and consistency to build. You may get turned down by the ladies. You may have a short friend list. You may be intimidated. But you will be happy and with consistency in being you, the right friends will come. The world would sooner or later respect you for being you all this while.


Of course! You can manage this “boy-problem”
Do not force your interest on everyone around you. This makes them feel inferior and earns you enemies. Spend more time with tolerant people. Talk less about you and prove yourself with action.
Boys must understand acting, thinking and speaking because everyone else is, makes them victims of modern slavery.

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