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Hey all, this post not have intention to do a rules about your standup meeting. I’m talk by my perspective and experience, and I repeat again only are tips and recommendations.

Let’s begin, the standup, dailies or whatever name you use it. Is the most important meeting. Why? On this meeting you use it a sort period of time for the day to synchronise with your team. By my perspective a good standup during…. 10 or 15 minutes, the time what do you use to prepare and drink a coffee. Ok that reference not is really good but in 10…

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It is always the trend topic that big companies are spying on us. But really, you could say that they are spying on us? in my opinion is a “confusing” topic because companies are not listening to everything you do. Companies only prepare their product to be as rental as possible. They just want you to buy or use their product and for that they prefer to give you a better experience. And how we improve that experience, recommending you things that they really know you like.

Okay, if the company knows what I like, it’s because they’re spying on…

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It’s very common to have doubt about use a framework or not. By my perspective is necessary to kwon when is a good and when is a bad idea use it. My first question about framework is, does this framework meet my requirements? I refer to the project requirements.

I think we need to stop and think about whether it is really necessary or not. Whether it will really facilitate our development according to the requirements or not.

Frameworks are created with the objective of facilitating and covering certain requirements. …

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Calculating the stability of your component is a good practice for building a solid architecture. It is a fantastic method to detect areas that are sensitive to failure in future changes. In this post I’ll show you how to do it with a simple formula.

Hi again, I’m very enthusiastic for that post because I resolve the question, it’s possible to calculate the unstable component?

Yes! I have the magic formula for resolve that.

Sorry I’m sounds like a commercial people. That formula appears in one of my favourite book Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin.

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Hi again, i made a related post earlier Code comments, for my perspective both parts code comments and clean code is very importan when you write code. It’s importan for your future self, and your future co-workers.

It’s very comfortable to believe that what you write yourself is easy to read and for understand for others. I’ve made that mistake many times over. And I thank a million times all the people who have corrected me and given me feedback.

Javascript is a language that changed a lot, in my opinion. …

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Hi again, Google Stadia is the new cloud game console. I want to give you my opinion about this. Because I’ve read a lot of reviews and I think this service is being criticized very unfairly. I hope to show you why this console is better than another brand (PlayStation, Xbox).

First of all, if you want to use Stadia need to create an account Free or premium for 9,99€ per month. Only the difference is with the premium account you can get free games. And with a free account, you need to pay for your games. …

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Hi again, if you see this post it is possible you try to find what is the best programing language to start to learn.

Careful you must find the best language to learn. You do NOT need to find the best language of all.

That error is very common and it’s very normal people choice C++, ASSEMBLER, Java… low-level languages (“the best languages”) and that’s an error. Is unnecessary to learn low-level languages in your first time. When you master high-level languages, you will be able to improve your knowledge with low-level languages. It’s true, low-level languages, for example, C++…

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Short, long, incomprehensible but all are comments. These are mostly unnecessary pieces that only make the files grow without contributing anything.

Hi developer, in this post I will try to demonstrate with your code comments are unnecessary. Okay, let’s get started.

Around the years I learned about the best practices. And it’s awesome when the most famous rules are Comment your code, include comments in your code for more clearly. And that not it’s totally true. Not is bad include comments in your code but if you don’t know how to include correctly …

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Hi everyone, nowadays contamination is a trending topic. I’m living in Madrid and air pollution is one of the big problems in world cities. For that, I decided to create my own air pollution alert, I’m using my Grafana server (hosted in my raspberry pi) to create alerts and Python script to get pollution data.

Air pollution to be a headache for everyone attempting to solve it. In my current city Madrid, the government is trying to control this problem by limiting the use of vehicles in the city centre. But in my opinion, this is not enough. I’m not…

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Hi everyone, I joined Medium to share my perspective. My first post is about How to create the best password. I hope this is the first of many posts I will contribute, please enjoy.

You are probably familiar with a password that requires the following; numbers, symbols, alphanumeric letter in upper and lower case and the list continues on.

There exists infinity combination but the common characteristics are easy to remember. However, this gets complicated when you need 1 password for each of your multiple devices and services for all sorts of accounts like Amazon, Facebook, work email, banking, etc…

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Senior Software engineer at @eventbrite

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