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Hey all, this post not have intention to do a rules about your standup meeting. I’m talk by my perspective and experience, and I repeat again only are tips and recommendations.

Let’s begin, the standup, dailies or whatever name you use it. Is the most important meeting. Why? On this meeting you use it a sort period of time for the day to synchronise with your team. …

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Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

It is always the trend topic that big companies are spying on us. But really, you could say that they are spying on us? in my opinion is a “confusing” topic because companies are not listening to everything you do. Companies only prepare their product to be as rental as possible. They just want you to buy or use their product and for that they prefer to give you a better experience. And how we improve that experience, recommending you things that they really know you like.

Okay, if the company knows what I like, it’s because they’re spying on me. …


Endika Iglesias

Senior Software engineer at @eventbrite

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