Unmarshal Partners with milestoneBased to build an Automated Governance and Roadmap Management Platform

Dear Marshians,
We’re excited to announce another fascinating collaboration with a brilliant group of experts who began milestoneBased in the development of a sophisticated Governance and Roadmap Management Platform. Unmarshal will fuel their platform with data APIs, which will allow them to build a robust platform that will aid other businesses in forming strategic connections with investors.

About milestoneBased

milestoneBased helps crypto startups and investors more efficiently collaborate on milestone development and deployed funds management. They are the first company to leverage a blockchain DAO and smart contract escrow in an automated governance and roadmap management platform. Early-stage investors can make use of the platform for capital and process efficiency, and to gain more confidence due to security, transparency, and data-driven insights; all contributing to a faster path to monetization. Startups teams become more driven and synchronized with investor expectations, and focus on the right KPIs for strengthened performance.


One of the best things in uniting like-minded people is when there is a perfect match. Unmarshal shares our vision of Sustainable Financing, meets our criteria of becoming a Beta version testing partner, and of course, has a strong and devoted community of members. Having such a well-blended partner aboard makes us more geared to success.”
- Ihor Savchuk, CEO at milestoneBased.com

Milestone based is revolutionizing collaboration between Investors and Startups by using the power of a blockchain DAO and smart contracts. Unmarshal is proud to be an official partner and blockchain data provider for milestoneBased”
- Manohar, CEO Unmarshal

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network that facilitates seamless access to data on blockchains for any kind of dApps, protocols, aggregators (basically any application that runs on top of blockchains). It’s a platform built by developers, for developers to access the rich, decoded and indexed on-chain data with a single line of code from any blockchain.
It is an advanced solution that aims at transforming raw and unstructured blockchain data into meaningful form to ease the integration of real-time blockchain data into decentralized applications, thus unmarshalling the potential of DApps.

Connect with us on our socials
Website: unmarshal.io
Docs: docs.unmarshal.io
Telegram: @Unmarshal_chat
Telegram Annoucements: t.me/Unmarshal_Ann
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unmarshal
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ftw3thgU




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