In the second sustainability workshop of our series, we invited Claire Sprouse, owner of Hunky Dory, to educate bartenders on identifying and reducing the waste created from making cocktails and other specialty drinks.

Since its opening in January 2019, New York’s Hunky Dory has made a name for itself as a zero-waste pioneer. The Crown Heights restaurant reimagines how food and drinks can be made, refashioning classics with more sustainable ingredients (the restaurant’s Mai Tai orgeat, for example, forgoes water-intensive almonds for sunflower seeds), and recycling leftover ingredients between its bar and kitchen.

We had a chance to chat with Claire about her experience in, and thoughts on, the food and beverage industry today. She shared her tips for bars and restaurants starting their own journeys in sustainability, including highlighting one of her deepest focuses, water conservation. …

Since its opening in 2018, Manhattan’s 18th Room has wasted no time in creating and executing innovative, environmentally conscious bar programs. From developing a zero-waste cocktail menu to educating its staff on sustainable practices, the 18th Room has earned its reputation as an industry leader.

At the start of 2020, Endless West unveiled a three-part bartender workshop series focusing entirely on sustainability. In the first workshop, we were fortunate enough to speak with host and Beverage Director of The 18th Room, Brendan Bartley, whose session focused on reducing the hidden waste created from running a bar (i.e. shipping boxes, food packaging, and the like). …

Or, the San Francisco science nerds bring their brainy booze to La La Land.

When you need to launch in a new place and you’re not some cool kid with connections in every dope city, you bribe- I mean, you turn to- your cool kid friend who does. It was because of such a friend that we found ourselves at the jaw-droppingly beautiful, newly refurbished Firehouse Hotel in the LA Arts District, ready to debut Glyph in our favorite city to the south.

Kayla Gazsi

The hotel’s bar staff served up Glyph-based versions of two tasty in-house cocktails, as well as a bespoke Glyph drink designed just for the evening. …

Those familiar with San Francisco summers know that planning an outdoor event in July is a bit…optimistic. And when those plans rely on clear skies and balmy temperatures, it becomes not just optimistic, but slightly foolish and undeniably risky.

Lucky for us, the team here at Endless West tends to be all of those things at any given time, and on July 13, we invited a small group of local artists, friends, and fellow hospitality folks to join us under the Sausalito sky to indulge in an evening of spirits and stargazing.

The stunning Cavallo Point Lodge served as our venue for the evening. In a divine twist, the lingering fog kept itself to the bridge and the bay, hovering as a dramatic (but pleasantly unintrusive) guest in the distance. …


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