[55 phase 08.05] Let me see you in the comments below

Aug 7 · 2 min read

Hello, everyone.

This week is the 55th issue of Endorsit project weekly, from July 22 to August 04.

The following is the detailed content of this biweekly report:

01. Endorsit WeChat public account

1. In order to better interact with zanmi, have WeChat public account message function, Endorsit WeChat public account after a period of time migration application, has completed all migration work, all the original fans of Endorsit WeChat public account has been successfully migrated. Meanwhile, anyone can search “zanwochina” directly to follow.

2. Increase Endorsit during the test of the relevant good article exposure, authors, efforts oh; You can rest assured that amway will be available to your friends who like to read the content, because we will not only distribute weekly reports.

02. Product development part

The progress of Endorsit as follows:

The internal test version is updated iteratively. The latest version of android is 1.2.6, and

the latest version of Web is 1.0.6.

Endorsit is undergoing a comprehensive iterative update, mainly for the android version, and the following functions have been updated and improved:

Android version progress:

1. Adjustment of the message UI.

2. Personal influence — weight inside page UI update.

3. UI adjustments for attention, fan lists, and other details.

4. Fixed known bugs.

Web version progress:

1. Fixed known problems.

2. PC editor web site:https://m.test.zanwo.com

03. Activity aspect

Endorsit test user group activity:

1. The internal testing activities continue. Zanmi who is willing to participate in the internal testing of products can join the ecological community and contact xiaozan (WeChat ID: zanwozlh). The application will be evaluated after passing.

2. The latest development of the internal test, friends can timely follow my ecological community, the public account, micro blog, Endorsit official will be released in time in the group.

3. The bonus of internal test is settled every Friday and settled every week.

Please pay close attention to the news released in the weekly. Thanks again for your participation and support! I look forward to your more wonderful article content ~

Finally can leave a message, come to let xiaozan to see you.


The above new project progress we will also be synchronized to the micro-blog, Facebook, Twitter, QQ group, telegram group, you can know us through the following official numbers in a timely manner to understand us, access to first-hand official project information.


Medium: http://medium.com/@endorsit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Endorsit.eds/

Official telegram group: https://t.me/zanwo


QQ group: 722588494

WeChat public account: 赞我 ( ID:zanwochina)

Endorsit account number :zanwozlh


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