Endorsit DApp internal beta iteration [issue 34] (2018.12.17)

4 min readDec 20, 2018


Hello, everyone.

This week is thirty-fourth issue of Endorsit project, which will be from December 10th to December 16th.

The following is the specific content of this weekly report:

01. Endorsit DApp progress

The progress of DApp Endorsit last week is as follows:

1. The internal test version of DApp has been updated, and the current version is 1.0.2. The first batch of internal test users officially participated in the internal test last Saturday, and the authors who participated in the first batch of internal test and zanmi put forward Suggestions for modification on the details and bugs of the current version.

2. Because BUG repair is the first priority of version iteration in the internal test stage, some user data may not be synchronized.

At present, the voting and weight calculation are not connected to the formal assessment environment, and there is no real-time update of the weight in the internal test stage.

3. The IOS version will be adjusted in details. The internal test time of the IOS version will be subject to the release of the public account at the first time.

4. The UI complements the adaptability optimization of individual pages in different models.

(the above is “my” section interface and personal homepage)

This week, DApp will focus on BUG feedback and modification in the internal test stage. The existing personal main interface is shown in the figure above.

The specific duration of the internal test stage will be finally determined according to the iteration speed of our products. The start time of the second batch of internal test will be announced at the first time on the public account.

02. Endorsit internal test version of the viewing activities

Last week, the internal test group of DApp has started the first internal test, and the product version is being iterated according to the feedback of users under internal test.

The entrance of the public account application is reserved, and the second batch of internal test users will also be composed of d-level authors and some public account application users. The specific opening time of the second batch of internal test is subject to the official release time of the public account.

In addition to maintaining the current internal test mode, DApp also has the mode of visitor browsing. As a “visitor”, you can view the internal tes articles published by users under the current internal test, but you cannot log in or operate other sections.

DApp will open in the second batch of closed before open closed “watch” activities within the community, active within the community, or operating officer elected by community at the end of the week can enter private onlookers group, onlookers group in a week after the latest version of the iteration to obtain private group on one version download link, through the current beta tourists mode to browse the author content.

Specific test of the activities of the crowd screening will be Endorsit ecological community to announce the play.

Once a week, the crowd will gather, post a download link and then disband.

Zanmi, who has been selected into the crowd three times in total, can participate in the internal test of the next latest version unconditionally.

PS: due to the limited download times of the single version link, the internal test qualification will be cancelled for the fans of the private transmission link.

03.For the official restructuring of the operation officer

Since last week, the official community of “Endorsit” has entered the stage of restructuring. This week, the core community has been officially defined as the framework, while other communities only do daily maintenance.

The operation officer of Endorsit will focus on adjusting the match between the activities of the core community and the operation officer and cooperate with the activities of “Endorsit” in the internal test stage of the official DApp to select active users to obtain the number of participants for the internal test.

The invitation award of Endorsit ecological community has been officially issued, and who gets EDS award can be viewed in the submitted address.

If you have any questions, please contact zanwozlh, my assistant for communication.

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