Endorsit listed at BigONE and giving away billions EDS airdrop rewards!

Endorsit Weekly Report (04/08/2018–10/08/2018)

Dear Endorsit supporters, we would like to update Endorsit’s 17th weekly report (04/08/2018–10/08/2018) with all of you and here we go!

01. EDS listed at BigONE and giving away billions EDS airdrop!

On Friday (August 10th), EDS officially listed at the BigONE exchange, and EDS has been launched. All EDS Fans can perform EDS replenishment in BigONE’s account-asset. EDS transactions will be scheduled to launch after the online event ends.

BigONE founded in 2017, is a global blockchain digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing safety, reliable and user friendly blockchain asset trading services to worldwide users.

BigONE URL: https://b1.run/

(Bigone website screenshot)

EDS and BigONE launched the airdrop benefit up to 1 billion EDS during the EDS online BigONE exchange !

Event 1: 53 million EDS net recharge reward

Event 2: Random address airdrop welfare award (unlimited)

Event 3: Endorsit & Zanbtc.com community EDS registration reward (more than 9 million)

Event 4: Forwarding the activity article reward (Wechat public account article dated 11/8)

Event 5: Replenishing EDS rewards (unlimited)

In order to thank more EDS Fans for their support, in addition to the original five activities, a special BigONE account registration reward is added, which is only available to the first 1000 valid users.

Registration reward details:

New User Registration Rewards: 10,000 EDS

Old user registration reward: 5000 EDS

Directly invite each person: 1500 EDS

Inviting up to 5 people directly, will be awarded an additional 15,000 EDS

Directly invites up to 10 people, will be awarded an additional 35,000 EDS

Directly invites up to 20 people, will be awarded an additional 80,000 EDS

New users: Register BigONE from August 10th

Old users: Register BigONE before August 10th

The above three additional awards are based on the highest number of awards required by the number of people and are not repeated. The invitation relationship is based on the number of the referee’s QQ account filled in the form.

In addition to the event four, application form for all of the event are the same, invite friends to register, the other party only need to fill in the email address to enjoy the registered airdrop benefits. (Participants who Only fill in the registered email address, without residential address will consider only join the registration account event by default)

Scan the QR code above, complete the registration in one minute, and fill out the form to receive your exclusive benefits.

Event deadline: 16:00 on August 17, 2018

BigONE URL: https://b1.run/

02.EDS launched at KeepBTC for trading contest

On Monday (August 04), EDS listed at KeepBTC and launched the registration reward activity. At present, the registration reward has been fully issued. On Friday (August 10th) at 14:00, OTC/EDS and USDT/EDS trading pair at KeepBTC are available. And a 10-day trading contest is on going. This trading contest will have the opportunity to let participants win 27 million EDS awards.

KeepBTC URL: https://www.keepbtc.net/

(EDS launched at Keepbtc)

03. Endorsit DApp progress

This week, the Endorsit progress of DApp as follows:

1. Native Android DApp deployment script, the database table has been updated, and the api continues to be updated.

2. Improve DApp search, registration, login, and personal center detail deployment.

3. DApp simulates the production environment staging deployment is completed, data internal testing will be carried out.

4. UI Update article publishing interface, message details interface.

On Monday, founder of Endorsit LeileiCai brought a team to Hangzhou and to share the progress of DApp development with Hangzhou technical team. Starting this week, the Android version of DApp will update an APK file every week in future, and enabling a small-scale beta test version within the company. It is expected that the beta users will be formally invited to participate in the internal testing at the end of September.

This week’s spy shots are the deployment of the search section. Guess what is meant by “all”, “user”, “voting”, “article” and “follow” below? The first one who got the answer will be awarded 10,000 EDS as rewards.

(Why searching for Bitcoin is a big hit,you may ask our designers…)

04. Endorsit Chinese propaganda quiz rewards had been issued

As of this Tuesday, Endorsit Chinese propaganda quiz rewards had been issued, and the individual users who did not contact our administrator is considered gave up the referrer award by default. A total of 5 million EDS were issued for this award. EDS fans please check out individually.

Should you have any questions about the reward, you can contact the assistant (Wechat ID: zanwozlh) to confirm the verification. EDS fans are welcome to continue to participate in other activities.

05.iWallic wallet development progress

This week, iWallic started the domestic domain name filing process. It is expected that the experience of wallet function will be slightly slow during the filing period. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the deployment of servers in Hong Kong, the number of blocked wallet accesses has gradually increased. This week iWallic started the domestic domain name filing process and is currently in progress. After the completion of the filing, surfing of mainland China visitor can be achieved normally.

After the filing, our new version of the iteration will have a better experience, so please stay tuned.

iWallic wallet download address: iwallic.com

06. Endorsit DApp internal test author incentive program is on going

This week, Endorsit DApp internal test authors for submitting more than 300 articles in the event, and we found that more traditional platform writers joined our internal author activities.

We believe that Endorsit’s ecological services original authors of all content field, we strongly encourage more original authors from non-blockchain writing to participate in our internal testing program. In the future, you can use your original high-quality content to get the benefits and cash through Endorsit.

For other authors who would like to participate in the internal author project, the event continued until the end of September.For those are interested or are participated in the program has not yet join our author wechat group, please contact the assistant (Wechat ID: zanwozlh).

07. Deadline of operations officers recruitment is on next Wednesday.

Last Thursday we officially released the second batch of Endorsit operation officer recruitment program! At present, hundreds of operators have been applied for, and we will formally determine the list of the second batch of operators after the selection is completed.

The recruiter of this recruitment is the last batch before the DApp is online. After the DApp goes online, we will announce the list of all operators in the official website.

For oversea operation officer recruit, please contact our person incharge at Telegram: @Feelingisly

08. Endorsit official website will be upgraded

Endorsit official website (eds.ren) is about to carry out a new version of the iteration, by then official webpage will be adjusted, weekly report module will be upgraded at the page, meanwhile, we will add on a section to introduce our operations team.

Currently, Endorsit official website and domain name (www.zaneds.com) has been filed. After the DApp is launched, user can be directly accessed through www.zaneds.com. The URL is currently enabled and can be synced to the official website.

09. Zanbtc.com alternate domain name will be activated next Monday

Zanbtc.com (one of my important cooperation media) adjusted the migration operation time at 10:00 next Monday (August 13). The original domain name will be temporarily shut down when the domain name is migrated back to China. We use the alternate domain name to access, and the speed of the zanbtc.com will be consistent with the domestic network after the domain name migration.

Migration maintenance time: 10:00 am August 13th 2018, 10:00 to 22:00pm 27th August, 22:00, the official recovery time is subject to the latest information.

Zanbtc.com Website: zanbtc.com

Zanbtc.com Alternate Domain Name: bbs.zaneds.com (currently available)

We will also update our new project progress to Weibo, twitter, Facebook, QQ Group, and Telegram Group. Please follow all of our official media account to obtain our latest news! (PS: Sometimes the updated timing might be slightly different! The more you follow, the less likely you miss our information.)

Official Website: http://eds.ren

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eds_ren

Medium: http://medium.com/@endorsit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/endorsit.endorsit

Official Telegram: https://t.me/zanwo

Weibo: https://weibo.com/endorsit

Endorist Biyong Group: https://0.plus/zanwo

Tencent QQ Group: 722588494

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