Endorsit Weekly Report (19/05/2018–25/05/2018)

Dear Endorsit supporters, we would like to update Endorsit’s sixth weekly report (19/05/2018–25/05/2018) with all of you and here we go!

1. Endorsit Voting and listing event at Bit-Z is officially started!

Endorsit Voting and listing event at Bit-Z is officially started on 25th May at 15:00. Bit-z is a global digital assets exchange which its world ranking at top 10. The deadline would be on 1st June 2018 at 15:00.

The minimum number of votes for each account is 50VTC and maximum is 1000VTC. Endorsit will give a total of 700,000,000 EDS reward to voters according to the number of votes. For example, if a total of 2,000,000 VTC is invested, 350 EDS per vote will be returned.

Endorsit supporter can purchase VTC for voting through Bit-Z exchange platform.

2. Alpha version 2.0 of Neo Wallet is completed. Second Beta version is expected to be launched in June.

3. Once Zanbtc.com community is launched, EDS module will be launched in the same time. Zanbtc.com web page version is now in progress, and alpha version will be launched on coming week, detailed progress is as follows:-

i. Most functions of the community have been completed and are continuing to be tested

ii. Registration method is under adjustment

iii. UI optimization is on going.

Let’s guess. What is the content of each section of the Zambi community?

4. The entire function of Bijing (Endorsit important partner) website has been developed and is optimizing and fixing bugs. The following is a detailed progress:

i. Call message template interface through openid

ii. The current interface is statically refreshed by assembling html

iii. Switching pop-up window by distinguishing different classes

5. We found Endorsit Dapp a better solution for voting system to solve the problem that users generally liked to “like” and hated to “dislike”. Endorsit will set up anonymous voting area and a calculation formula to enhance the system.

6. Endorsit Dapp overall interactive interface is being adjusted. Currently Endorsit has found a solution to solve the problem of content distribution by a shortcut key. Endorsit supporter can enjoy the freedom on choosing different content while doing distribution. This is one of the most important solutions of Endorsit to encourage users to aggregate their influence.

7. There is a preliminary model for the Endorsit DAPP user’s influence weight calculation formula. The major formula of “EDS locking position data, net quotations of Like, and voting accuracy rate” determine the corresponding impact ratios and convert them into specific values.

8. The strategy of Global Operations Officer has been arranged. Currently, there are hundred thousands of community users worldwide to join our online and also offline community. Zanbtc.com community is a partner of Endorsit and is also an independent of Endorsit module. Zanbtc.com will be launching worldwide by then.

9. Author enrollment for alpha version is under progress, Endorsit welcome all of the author to join our community. Deadline for first batch registration would be 31st May 2018. Selected blockchain author will experience the first batch of Zambtc community. Alpha version of Zanbtc.com community to be launched in early June. High level user classification in coming community will depends on alpha version data.

10. The total number of Telegram group members currently reaches 300,000. The event awards have already been issued. Those who cheating by software or robbot app, incorrectly-addressed, and incorrectly-operated users, and who didn’t receive EDS, please do not leave message in QQ Group or Wechat Group, nor do you need to ask directly in the telegram group. Please manually text our Telegram group administrator and she will verify your case.

11. Endorsit Chinese short clip is under progress, and to be completed by end of June.

12. Endorsit is cooperate with Candy Box

One billion EDS have been put into Candy Box for lock-in. Endorsit is cooperate with Candy Box by sharing traffic, community, and other business collaboration information with the Candy.

13. The exchange platform involved a lot of uncertainties. Last week, we expected to list at the first exchange platform by end of May, and now we delay it to early June.



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