Internal test quota recruitment of DApp started [issue 32] (2018.12.03)

Hello, everyone.

This week is no.32 of Endorsit weekly report from November 26th to December 2nd.

The following is the specific content of this weekly report:

01. Endorsit DApp progress

The progress of DApp last week is as follows:

1. The closed beta version of DApp was updated to 0.3.7, and the voting process was iteratively updated last week to optimize the presentation form and proportion of pictures. Meanwhile, the flashback problem of published articles reported by closed beta users was investigated and fixed.

2. The user permission configuration has been completed, and the details of access permission between the tourist mode and the restricted account mode have been adjusted according to the feedback of the closed users.

3. Temporarily remove the “Endorsit DApp wallet” module from the shelf, and independently re-develop the wallet module, which can be connected with all future “Endorsit ecology” apps. EDS will first become a universal Token for “Endorsit ecology” products.

EDS revenue in DApp is not affected at the same time, but it can be operated after updating wallet module.

4. Optimize ICON display mode in different versions of android models.

5.The UI version is confirmed, and the initial release icon is shown in the figure below:

DApp will complete the file deletion and sealing test stage this week, and officially start the internal test. The author of the original internal test will participate in the activity in batches. The first batch of open public number recruitment will be limited to 10 people in the first week.

02. Endorsit internal test user recruitment

This week will officially end the closed test of DApp, and from next week, users will be invited to participate in the internal test of DApp.

In addition to the original operation officer and the author of the internal test Endorsit to participate in batches, the public number will open the first batch of internal test quota application.

The first batch of internal test is for the crowd:

1. official community operation officer

2. Level S author of internal test activities

These two conditions satisfy one.

The first batch of internal test personnel applying for the public number basic conditions:

1. Endorsit ecological community users

Own a certain type of android phone

Hold at least 1 million EDS

4. With Chinese mobile phone number, you can receive SMS verification code

There is no need for those who are not selected to Endorsito worry. Before the official public test of Endorsit DApp, all the selected internal test authors have the opportunity to participate in the internal test in advance, which will be conducted in batches according to the author level of the activity.

If you want to participate in the first batch of internal test, please scan the QR code below and fill in the application form. For selected fans, will invite you to join us when the internal test is opened. Look forward to your participation.

Note: for android users, IOS will be delayed for one to two weeks in this internal test, but it will be synchronized with android version when Endorsit DApp is officially released.

03. Our community will be reorganized and adjusted

The evaluation of the November award by the operation officer of the ecological community has been completed on December 3rd. The details of the award will be announced in the community today.

The “Endorsit ecological community invitation award” will officially end at the end of this week (23:59, December 09, 2018). Before the deadline, each user will invite 10 friends who are interested in block chain to join the “ Endorsit ecological community” for the first time and get the EDS award of 6666.

Invitations and rewards will be issued within one week after the end of the activity.

In December, the “ Endorsit ecological community “ will be adjusted and reorganized. Active parts will be extracted from the existing Endorsit ecological community users to reorganize the Endorsit ecological core community. Please pay attention to Endorsit .

In the process of reorganizing the community, the ecological operation officer of Endorsit will be reorganized at the same time, and the focus of operation will be gradually shifted to the preparatory work for the launch of Endorsit DApp.


We will also keep abreast of the progress of the above new projects on weibo, Facebook, Twitter, QQ group and Telegram group. You can learn about us and get first-hand official project information through the following links.

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