Internal test recruitment of double version of Endorsit [issue 49] (2019.05.13)

May 14 · 3 min read

Hello, everyone.

This week is the 49rd issue of Endorsit project weekly, from April 29 to May 12.

The following is the detailed content of this biweekly report:

01.Endorsit domain name confirmation

On May 10, Endorsit officially paid six figures for the domain name (unconfigured content).This domain name negotiation took a long time. In order to achieve the following extensibility, the authorities still believe that it is necessary to use the fully short domain name with the highest user recognition.

02.Endorsit progress

The progress of Endorsit as follows:

The internal test version is updated iteratively. The latest version of android is 1.1.5, the latest version of IOS is 1.0.8, and the latest version of Web is 1.0.3.

Endorsit 2.0 product has entered the stage of comprehensive iterative update, the UI has been adjusted and changed greatly, and more reward mechanism functions will be added.

Android version update:

1. Fix known bugs and improve product application performance.

2. Add the interface sliding function of the homepage dynamic and liking text area.

3. Add article categories.

4. Complete UI update of “home page” and “my” section.

5. Adjust the word limit for your profile.

6. Enter the preparation stage of UI update and function improvement of wallet and message.

IOS version progress:

1. Fix known bugs and improve product application functions.

Web version progress:

1. Completed the UI design of the whole PC version.

2. Enter the comprehensive development stage of complete PC functions.

03. Activity

Endorsit test user group activity:

1. The second phase of the award will last until mid-may

In order to improve the product functions and make the user experience smoother, the time of the second phase of the reward activity in my internal test will be temporarily extended to the middle of may (more comprehensive and generous rewards are being allocated).

Friends can follow and praise my ecological group. The results of daily activities and rewards will be announced in the group. Users who gain income can first send the wallet address to zanwozlh, my assistant. Before the next activity, zanwozlh will officially announce the final result and uniformly issue rewards.

Since the version 2.0 of Endorsit involves a large number of front-end UI and function updates and improvements, we will update the android version in a timely way first. Here, I suggest that all Zanmi change to android machine test. If there are any Endorsit users, please join the Endorsit android internal test group.


During the Endorsit internal test, the Endorsit community operating officer has the right to directly recommend users for the Endorsit internal test, and those Zanmi who are willing to participate in the Endorsit internal test can join the Endorsit ecological community. After the evaluation by the official operating officer, they will decide whether to accept the Endorsit internal test.

Users who have not joined the community can directly add Endorsit assistant (WeChat ID: zanwozlh) to the group.

Please pay close attention to the news released in the weekly. Thanks again for your participation and support! I look forward to your more wonderful article content ~


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