Warning Cry

There persists a combination of acts

forming a consistent and characteristic arrangement

in the event of the murder of Blacks

when bodies lie lifeless in cold blood on pavement

which has left shattered the collective being of the despised aforesaid.

Baltimore bled, Ferguson fried, Milwaukee mobbed and Tulsa tumbled

the very night that officers played judge, jury and executioner

because of fear and hate which caused justice to be bungled

by a system whose nature is akin to that of Lucifer

the old serpent whose only intent is to steal, kill and destroy.

Still decoyed this is nothing less than the fulfillment of prophecy

as the scattered sheep of Elohim are slaughtered in the storming eye

for over 400 years of affliction suffering in a strange colony

but the Lion of Judah has awakened and is now roaring its warning cry.