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SAT Exam in India happens 6 times a year — usually on the first Saturday of the months of May, June, October, November, December and the third Saturday of January. You can take SAT subjects on any of these days. One can take up to 3 subject tests on one day.

When preparing for the SAT, students should study hard but not stressfully. Read these useful study tips to help you prepare for your first exam stress-free for your Kid. Read these useful SAT Exam Preparation Tips to help your kid for the first SAT exam stress-free

  1. Understanding the SAT format

The SAT consists of three main sections: Reading, Writing and Math. In addition to the three sections of the exam, there is also an optional section for the 50-minute essay. The total testing time for the SAT, including the optional essay, is three hours and 50 minutes. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Reading — 65 minutes
  • Writing — 35 minutes
  • Math (With Calculator) — 55 minutes
  • Math (Without Calculator) — 25 minutes
  • Essay (Optional) — 50 minutes

2. Practice timing yourself

Preparing for the SAT is useless if test-takers rush through each section and put their heads down before time is up. In order to perform well on the day of the exam, students should become comfortable with the time constraints on each section of the SAT. The best way to set a time for each section taken during a practice exam. By simulating and becoming familiar with the conditions of the testing room, SAT test-takers can approach their exams with more confidence and less stress. A good rule of thumb is to finish a few minutes before time is up for each section in order to answer skipped questions, double-check answers and fill in the bubble sheet.

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TIP: Wear or bring an analog watch to the testing room. Not all testing rooms will have clocks, and not all proctors write the time remaining for the exam on the board. By having a watch with you, you can better keep track of yourself during the exam in order to complete the section before time is up.

3. Know your resources

In previous years, students taking the SAT often purchased study materials in the form of heavy, inches-thick books. Fortunately, all official SAT preparation materials can be found online for free. After the release of the New SAT, the College Board offer free, in-depth SAT prep materials in order to make test prep more accessible.


College Board, the official body which conducts the SAT exam has not stated any prerequisite for any candidate who is appearing for the examination. The candidate should decide if he/she needs to pursue the Reasoning/Subject test.

Important Facts about the SAT exam

  • The score of the SAT exam is valid for 5 years.
  • In India, the SAT is a paper-based exam.
  • SAT score is required for admission in most of the undergraduate programs in the US.
  • The SAT exam can be scheduled on the 4 specific dates in a year.

Coaching Platform SAT

  • 2.5–3 months of Classroom coaching.
  • Thoroughly researched and SAT specific modules incorporating 1000+ questions.
  • Special Grammar sessions to enhance your writing skills.
  • 8 Full-Length Paper-based mock SAT tests.
  • Access to all standardized material and 200+ books at the Renaissance library.

4. Take a practice exam

Students preparing for the SAT should take at least one practice test before exam day to expose themselves to the general contents of the SAT. Because SAT questions are pattern-based and repetitive, becoming familiar with the different types of test questions before the day of the exam can help students feel more comfortable when taking the actual test. Taking a practice exam can also help students identify what areas of the SAT they struggle with so that they can study specific materials beforehand

5. Learn from your mistakes

You’ve watched the video tutorials and taken multiple practice exams, but you’re still not getting the scores you want. What are you doing wrong? When preparing for the SAT, the most important content for students to focus on is the things they do not know because test-takers are more likely to miss questions for those subjects compared to the content they are already familiar with.

Try reviewing questions answered incorrectly and understanding why each question was wrong. Was it because you misread the question? Did the wrong math? Or did you simply guess? After figuring out why a question was wrong, attempt to re-do the question and see if you can get the right answer before reading the explanation. The ability to identify what you missed and why will help you raise your SAT score by precious points and allow you to avoid silly mistakes made in the past.

6. Memorize basic math

While the SAT offers a formula chart at the beginning of the Math section, becoming familiar with basic equations can save test-takers precious minutes when taking the exam.

Students are encouraged to memorize basic math formulas although they are provided on the SAT formula chart sheet because not only does know the formulas save students time from flipping back and forth between the test booklet, but knowing basic math formulas also comes in handy because certain SAT Math problems cannot be solved by the formulas found on the formula sheet.

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