I am not going to tell you the cooked stories,

I am not going to defame your opinion,

I am not going to curb your thinking

But I am here with facts with evidences from my powerful tongue for all the powerful thinkers.

Corruption everywhere, have intrigue me to speak out of the power of tongue to hypnotize the powerful thinkers over the world.

I am a concerned youth who is forced to raise voice on behalf future generation just because LOSING MY FUTURE GENERATION IS NOT LIKE LOSING ANY COMPETITION OR SOME GOODS, we are losing part of life of our future Generations. I believe that the future of the nation lies in the hand of our younger generation. In streamlined line to the very facts, knowing the very significance role that will be played by our youngster in near future, I beg to raise my voice today on the following importance.

The entire success of a nation depends on the youth. It is the duty of the government to provide the youth with ample of opportunities to play our role in an effective manner. Parents also have a major responsibility to fulfill. They must induce patriotic feelings in our young ones. As a youth we will fraught with patriotism to lead the nation to the front.

We have the WILL, aren’t we??? My dear generations

• I want all youth to take part in welfare activities of the world
 • I want EDUCATION the first priority among the masses. All young minds, those under privilege children who cannot afford for education need to be sent to school by the Government and NGOS; I beg to state that we are the asset of the nation.
 • I want all citizens, be it elder generation and leaders over the world to back up other youths in building confidence and pursuing the field of interest. 
 • I want all younger generation to be cared and loved by the elder generation to impart skills in the mind of younger to build the better nation in future.
 • Com on let’s fights to Promotes the fair image of the country in front of the world, support me if you need peaceful generation.
 • I want our rights to get complete education.
 • I beg to state on behalf of youth that we will serve the country to the best of our resource and skills.

•I want to go for campaign to revive the culture, trend and traditions of the ethnic society over the world.
 • I want every youth to help the government in the implementation of policies to the best of people’s interest.
 • Let’s participate in any program; I am sure all will agree, we the youth are the country’s power. We recognize problems and we will solve them. We the Youth are strong force in social movements.
 Let us be ready to study, struggle, and reach for achievement, so that we can be the responsible, resourceful, honest and polite generation of the world.
 The development of country depends on its generation. If we have good generation, we will have a good country. If we have bad generation, we will have bad country. So, my dear younger generation let us reach the knowledge more and more. 
 Endup Lepcha