Deb Battalgia believes that she’s just an ordinary human being, given the baseline of genetics without any extraordinary tendencies or talents or gifts … intellectually or physically. And yet! Here she is. Deb is an Emergency Room doctor, wired for triage and action, who flies cross-country every month to power through 12-hour shifts over a 10-day window. That’s enough to make her a bit more than “human.” Oh … And the year she turned 50, she ran 50 triathlons. Yeah. 50. The year she turned 50.

Fifty Full Distance Triathlons. 50 x 226K. That’s 50 x (2.4 miles swimming +112…

Some endurance athletes truly “just do it.” They train. They set goals. They achieve. They endure. Such athletes may enjoy a kind of purity of purpose that unfolds without questioning the self or the ends.

Other endurance athletes follow those same steps, but layer into them what amounts to a deeper or perhaps higher spiritual challenge. For these athletes, endurance events are supremely active metaphors for life itself. The effort taxes the body to test the mind and call upon the spirit.

Such an athlete is one Ulises Ricoy, of Española, New Mexico. …

Chalking Up The IronDebs in 2017

The story behind Deborah Battaglia’s quest to perform 50 full distance triathlons during the year she turns 50.

Deborah Battaglia turns 50 in October of 2017. To put it bluntly, the approaching five-zero number has been hard to process. In part, it’s a bit of a reality check to just acknowledge.

“I’ve been alive for 50 years! What? I wasn’t comfortable turning 30, then 40, and now here I am: 50! It’s a number that doesn’t correlate to who I am. What have I done? What have I achieved? I don’t know how to deal with this. You only live once. I’ve got to push life to the extreme, to the max. …

The Original Rachel’s Plates — Redman Triahlon — September 2006

At the 2006 Redman Triathlon event, as the clock rolled past the 17-hour mark, one lone athlete remained on the course. And one lone volunteer remained there with him, as determined to see him finish as he was struggling to do so.

That runner was Dan Little. That volunteer was Rachel Flesher. She drew messages of encouragement on paper plates and delivered them at key moments to see him through. These eleven years later, Rachel continues to endure as an inspiration not only to athletes, but to all volunteers who follow her. We commemorate Rachel’s inspiration and Dan’s determination each…

Stepping Out At The Okie Relays

Friends of Multisport Shares The Results Of Our Spring 2017 Survey

“Enjoy the experience.”

“Relish your ability to do it.”

“Just Keep Moving Forward.”

We asked. You answered. We questioned. You guided. We welcomed. You joined.

During the spring of 2017, Friends of Multisport invited hundreds of athletes and volunteers who’ve participated in our four endurance events to share their views and advice in a Survey Monkey questionnaire. Our goal was to give athletes a chance to share their experiences and to help invigorate the Friends Of Multisport community. Shared interest can be a powerful unifying force. We appreciate your willingness to share. And we respect your openness about your challenges and your triumphs.

You also provided insights into factors related to FOM…

Triathlons and endurance events go hand-in-hand. So it seems suitable to use this first Medium blog post to share useful information. As popular as these distance race are, there’s a surprising amount of confusion around distances and labels. We hope this guide will help. Share if you find it useful. Ping us if you see something awry.

Endurance Matter

Fuel The Mind To Fuel The Body To Fuel The Spirit.

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