Vinyl Fencing — Save Money And The Environment

Do you need to fence and gate your beautiful garden, or palisade your backyard? Well, there are lot of reasons to mark and protect your region. Say to protect your property from uninvited animals, simply to mark boundaries, or to prevent the entry of trespassers. The biggest dilemma which takes over one’s mind here is — what material of fencing to choose? When you choose to palisade your property, you have variety of options including wood, iron, bamboo, vinyl, and chain link.

Every material of fencing has got its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you ask us, we would simply point towards pvc (vinyl) palisade fence.

What’s our Reason? Because it has simply got more number of advantages the others.

• The foremost reason to choose vinyl fencing is the maintenance involved, because in reality, the upkeep it needs is next to nothing. You do not have to repaint it often, because it does not loose or changes its colour. Just some soap and water are enough to turn it back to sparking white. There is no danger of rotting and termite attacks with vinyl, and you do not have to apply anything to protect it from rust.

• Vinyl fencing is eco-friendly. Vinyl fences generally come with warranty for many years. They are an ideal choice for home owners who are short in time to periodically check on their fence; and for those too who do not want to hurt their environment. Because once they outlive their utility, they can be easily recycled, putting all the fears of impending ecological dangers to rest.

• Since vinyl fencing is totally recyclable, there is no wastage involved. And it is not treated with any harmful or hazardous chemicals, so it’s totally non-toxic. Vinyl is made up of chlorine which is derived from salt, and hydrocarbons that are derived from natural gas. That means if you are planning to gate and fence your property, vinyl might actually be the most eco-friendly option.

• Vinyl fencing has flexibility and strength benefits with them, whereas wood fences are more likely to break and collapse in extreme weather conditions. The flexibility of vinyl makes it a good choice in places that witness intense weather conditions like strong winds and rain. Also, vinyl is nearly five times as strong as wood and thus, comparatively it takes much more to bring down a vinyl fence.

• Vinyl is also quite safe for fencing animals. Since they are non toxic and flexible, if animals chew or run over them, they won’t hurt themselves.

Vinyl fencing is an economical choice (already mentioned above).Its cost is much cheaper than that of a wooden white picket fence or iron fence. Also, since there is no maintenance required, you will also save the money on the repainting costs as well as costs of primer or any other treatments that might have to be done to keep the fence safe from termites and rot.

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