Is your TFN information safe?

Its easy for anyone to steal your information

With everyone flooding into the accounting industry in Australia, It is not uncommon to find CPA qualified accountants in every nook and corner. Tax return is done with the click of a button nowadays. But little do clients know that there is more than just qualifications and promotions of tax accounting firms when choosing a tax agent.

When unsuspecting customers turn to accounting firms to have their tax return done and hand in all their private information, it is up to the accountants whether or not the information is kept safely.

A common type of tax fraud that is the misuse of Tax File Number. Clients TFN information could be in jeopardy in the wrong hands. For example at EndureGo we had 10 clients who worked for the same company to do their tax return with their PAYG, I called up the company as there were no signatures presented. The company mentioned that these guys never worked there. This is a typical case of PAYG fraud, as a responsible accountant I immediately reported the case to the ATO. This usually happens to people on working holiday visa because they tend to leave Australia after their visa expiration and those who have not done their tax return in a long period of time. TFN fraud is as easy as obtaining your TFN details, your date of birth and your PAYG number. It is highly recommended that you choose a reliable, trusted accounting service where you can confide your personal information.

With backpacker tax return in the year 2017, there are a lot of changes which makes it a complicated process. The employer must issue them two PAYG summaries as well as register them as backpackers so they do not get taxed at 32.5%. At EndureGo we have a max tax refund guarantee *. If another accountant is getting you more tax refund with the same data set then we will be more than happy to refund your full fee and give you a $300 cash back*.

Alot of backpackers stay back in Australia and switch to a student visa or a spousal visa. We at Endurego Investigate thoroughly our customers needs and see if they are eligible for Part year residence which could mean in the second half you could claim a tax free threshold.

One of our clients here at Endurego had a credit card debt sent to him of $10,000 on an American Express card, he never opened one in his name. So as backpackers you are more vulnerable as you would leave the country, it is easier to use your information without your knowledge. At the end of this, if you plan to return to Australia, you would incur a massive debt.

So what makes a good accountant? It is not only technical skills that matter. What matters is the qualification of the accountant and their experience in the accounts world. That is what sets us apart from other accountants — we were able to detect issues that previous tax agents of our clients could not find, hence we helped our clients earn extra eligible tax refunds.

Here at EndureGo we have safe firewalls and security systems built up to make sure your information stays safe and confidential in our hands. We do not process any of our services without valid Photo ID proof, to make sure there is no identity theft taking place.

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