new to node.js — “http.Server” events


How can we listen to “http.Server” events? Or how can we instantiate a “http.Server” object?

According to

“http.Server” is an EventEmitter with events like “request”, “connection” .. etc.

However I can’t find a way to listen to these event as I am not sure how to instantiate a “http.Server” object. All examples I can find are using “http.createServer” and the api return a new web server object instead of a EventEmitter object.

So, if I would like to know “connection” event, how should i do so?

Problem courtesy of: sglai


You need to use net.CreateServer to create an instance of http.Server.

var server = net.CreateServer(callbackForTheConnectionEvent);
server.listen(1234, 'localhost');

Take a look at my code in this answer:
 Node.js: Connecting to a Server Using Sockets

(just copying it wouldn’t make much sense…)

Solution courtesy of: Ivo Wetzel

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