Phoxy: caching system in a nutshell

One of the phoxy cory features — split data into pieces, and effectively cache it on client(ex: Web storage), 3rd proxy(ex: CDN), and at server itself(ex: reverse proxy).

Our assurance stands for: the lesser real load to server application, the faster whole project works. You may picture it as super-seeding in bit-torrent protocol. Phoxy is not about p2p yet, but idea here — when one get similar information — it should be available for everyone.

For example you run social-network site. Each profile page have public and private data. What stranger can see depends on privacy settings between target and that user. Which could mislead us to state when we can’t cache anything shared. Phoxy allows split that data in public(open to everyone) and private(overriding public), and significantly reduce page responsiveness. Why? Because we could render dummy public page from cache, while waiting for private data. Which in case of encounters can cause zero server requests. (User not in my friend list, he is a stranger, no need to fetch private override).