MacOS Mojave

Open System Preferences and select Users & Groups. Unlock this screen and press the lower left +. Select the account type Group and name it brew. After creating this group add users.

Change group of installation directory to “brew”

sudo chgrp -R brew $(brew --prefix)/*
sudo chmod -R g+w $(brew --prefix)/*

The purpose of this article is to document how to set up openpilot for use with the:

  • 2017 and 2018 Civic Hatchback (Any trim with Honda Sensing)
  • 2018 Accord (All trims)

Update 8/31/2018 — Official comma giraffe available

Comma’s giraffe only has two switches! Use 1 1 for stock Honda sensing (also must unplug USB from EON). …

This documents how openpilot works with a car and how support is added. In this article, I am focusing on a Honda Odyssey, but the concepts described can be applied to a Toyota or a new make not supported by openpilot once you grok how they are used.

You can find the openpilot github repository here:

1. Database Container

The .dbc file is a key that describes all of the traffic on the car’s network. Openpilot requires this to read data from your car’s canbus. The DBC is referenced from opendbc which is used to decode traffic on the canbus in realtime.

A DBC file describes a car’s network traffic, what modules are on it, and their messages and signals.


Here is what it means:


BO_342 A group of messages and their id (ID is in decimal numbering). 342 is equivalent to 0x0156 hexadecimal format.

STEERING SENSORS Describes the group of signals. All of the signals for one ID come from a single ECU so…

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