EBI Scam Update Bulletin - October 2019

Over 700 Earndrop Entries Found to be Fraudulent, Spots Freed for Legitimate Community Members

Over the last few days, Energi’s Defense has already discovered over 700 fraudulent entries into Round 4 of our global Earndrop program.

Through our proprietary threat hunting analytics, the illegitimate entries were tied to just a handful of nefarious actors. Besides the normal methodology of submitting sockpuppet accounts and fake KYC documentation, a few bad actors even tried to sell pre-registration ‘entries’ into the Earndrop program. We worked together with the social media groups to warn against this scam and have banned anyone attempting to sell entries into the Earndrop.

Furthermore, due to KYC documentation being ‘traded’, this activity is illegal and will be reported to each perpetrator’s respective law enforcement entity. In conclusion, Energi is working hard to protect and foster our community’s growth.

Discord Direct Message - Fake Wallet Update

We’ve received reports of a scammer posing as “Energi NewsBot” or “Nexus NewsBot” claiming that there is a wallet update for users to download and install. These links are malicious in nature and lead the user to download a trojan version of Energi’s wallet with malware to steal the users’ private keys and NRG. Notice that the link is to “energicryptcurrency” (missing an “o”).

Please beware of scammers and remember that Energi Core members will not DM you and will not send or accept friend requests. Any communication will occur via our secure ticketing system or through our help desk.


Energi Cryptocurrency

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