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Bristol City Council has already recorded a 71% reduction in carbon emissions from its direct activities against a 2005 baseline, surpassing their target to reduce emissions by 65% by 2020.

This is the second year running that the authority exceeded its own carbon targets, the council has led the way with its corporate initiatives, including making buildings more energy efficient, investments in renewable energy infrastructure such as wind turbines and solar panels, electrifying the council’s fleet vehicles and continuous upgrades to street lighting across the city.

Bristol City Council has not remained complacent and continues to look at new technologies and initiatives that will drive the city to become carbon neutral by 2030. …

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The FCA has announced the participants of the Green FinTech Challenge. EnergiMine, a start-up based in Manchester, has successfully been accepted on the FCA’s Green FinTech Challenge. The challenge is aimed at firms developing innovative financial products and services that assist in the UK’s transition to a greener economy.

CEO at EnergiMine, Omar Rahim comments. “We are delighted to have been successful in the application for the FCA’s Green FinTech Challenge. …

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It is hard to determine the best energy deal; most companies rely on advice from their energy consultants. These consultants have an important job, and you should ensure that you are putting your trust in the right people. Furthermore, understanding your energy tariff is fundamental in ensuring you aren’t paying more than you should be for your energy, such as hidden costs levied by your consultant.

Find out about fixed and flexible energy contracts, and advice on choosing a good energy consultant below.

Fixed and Flexible Tariffs

Consumers can choose between a fixed-rate or flexible energy contract, depending on their risk avoidance level. There are benefits and disadvantages to each, and it’s important for businesses to evaluate each before finalising their decision. …



At EnergiMine we’re committed to making the world of energy, more open, fair and transparent.

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